Heavy Load (punk band)
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Heavy Load is a British punk rock band, described by The Sunday Times as "possibly the most genuinely punk band touring today".
Its members met at Southdown Housing, a non-profit assisted-living community for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities, and are a mix of service users and staff.

The band composed the theme for the BAFTA-nominated film Cast Offs and is itself documented in the film Heavy Load.
The band are also the founders of the charity Stay Up Late, a campaign seeking to improve the social lives of people with learning difficulties by calling for more flexible staff hours.Stay Up Late is a national charity promoting full and active social lives for people with learning disabilities.

  • Simon Barker, Vocals
  • Jimmy Nichols, Guitar and vocals
  • Paul Richards, Bass
  • Mick Williams, Guitar and vocals
  • Michael White, Drums
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Krip-Hop Goes Punk - Poor magazine
Leroy Moore interviews the UK's only disabled punk band, Heavy Load

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Disabled punk band Heavy Load fights for service users’ rights
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Reviews from From RottenTomatoes.com

"Intriguing and engaging rockumentary that demolishes stereotypes of the mentally challenged, and celebrates the inspirational story of Heavy Load."

"Charting the high notes and bum notes during the two-year recording of their debut album 'The Queen Mother's Dead', it's a non-patronising comedy of conflicting ambitions as they dive into the mainstream. Punk licks, crucified classics and Kylie collide in a film that turns the feelgood up to 11."

"The only difference is that three of the five have a learning disability - but in this documentary, which is very funny in places, it's not disabilities that define them."

Heavy Load's new found confidence enables them to establish the ‘Stay Up Late’ movement, a campaign to allow the disabled to stay out past the 7 to 9.30pm curfew that sees the band’s audiences halved, taking their cause to the highest levels of government.