Leroy F Moore Jr. Writer, advocate and journalist on issues and art involving disabled people of color. Leroy was born in Buffalo, NY in 1967 with Cerebral Palsy. "Krip-Hop displays the beauty and strength of collaboration and disabled music history, present and future." Leroy is one of the leading voices in the field of police brutality and wrongful incarceration of people with disabilities. Leroy Moore Interviews  Disabled Hip-Hop Artist Keith Jones: FEZO


Krip-Hop Nation came from my experiences as a young Black disabled boy growing up in the late 1970's and 80's in a White suburb of Connecticut. Always being the only Black disabled youth in almost everything I did from special education to being mainstreamed, from playing with White non-disabled kids in my neighborhood to my early days in activism with my parents, to my many years of volunteering in disability non-profits to college classes In all of these experiences I always had the same question: Where were the other people who looked like me as a Black disabled young man? Full article at: KRIP-HOP NATION on Facebook.

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Music From the Motherland

I told my mother when I was in my early teenage years that I wanted to go to Africa to see my brothers and sisters with disabilities, knowing that at that time Apartheid was the law of the land in South Africa.  I was interested in how people with disabilities lived during those times.  Well I m almost 40 and I still haven t traveled to the Motherland but the need to be in the Motherland is even bigger today with a  new focus of mine: Black disabled musicians and their contributions in the music industry. 

I have been writing, studying, lecturing and listening to Black disabled musicians from the US for some time now, from Blues to Hip-Hop, and it is a fascinating and wide open field that needs more scholars, books, study and public discourse.  Knowing that my roots go back to Africa, I m in the process, with others, of opening this new  box I call, Black disabled music, beyond the boarders of America and in the process of realizing that Black disabled music is not new but is has survived, grown, written of in books and is being embraced by local music industry today.

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by - Leroy F. Moore, Jr.

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