Mr. Dudé

Dudé: Lead Vocalist some 15 years. He began to be part of bands at the beginning of 89. In 91, assumed the voice of the  of Heavy Metal band Zerstorer. In 92 began to study singing with the coordinator of the church choir of Good Counsel in Mooca, São Paulo - Brazil. In 94 amounted to Triumph Cover  band and began to develop vocal techniques with Nando Fernandes (Cavalo Vapor, Hangar), and taking classes until the first half of 2000, with a year earlier won approval for the same work as a teacher of singing .

He worked in 99 as coordinator and professor corner of the institution Lar Escola São Francisco, where he taught music for teenagers with disabilities physical with the goal of working the problems of speech, motor coordination and development of sensory them. In 2000 coordinated the choir of the Volunteer Corps of the AACD of Mooca. Currently manages corner of classes in his home. In 2004, did the workshop of Scenic Arts unity of the SENAC of Vila Carrão administered by Professor Boni. In the second half of 2004, he did the course of the Oficina Dos Menestréis actors participating in the assembly and acting in the musical show; Good Morning São Paulo, directed by Deto Montenegro. He acted in the same show until May 2006. In January 2005 participated as a singer of the Program Raul Gil, in Brazilian TV.

Currently, manages classes of singing popular in his home and serves as the band singer ALLIED FORCES and EASY ROCKERS with the amputee d
rummer Tulio Fuzato.

My physical disability is congenital, but it was never a barrier for me to make my dreams come true. I was born without hands and the right leg. I use mechanical leg to exercise my profession. I am a musician since I was a teenager. I started to sing in pubs when I was 17 years old and.  Studied popular singing and became professor of music when I was 26 years old.
I feel very happy with what I do singing in pubs and Rock and Roll parties, and also teach music. I confess to you that I am very eager to see my profile.

The band Easy Rockers was born so that we could defend this wonderful cause using the Rock And Roll as the mean instrument for changing hearts and minds. 

Live Performance:

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Mr. Dudé and TULIO

We are moved by an energy that few people know. It is an energy that cannot be seen, but can be felt and that is why we go forward with our dreams and that makes us bigger than life!

And that God bless the great masters of the art of life: people with physical disabilities and do not fear the barriers or challenges.

It will be a great honor for me to be part of Future Link. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. -
Mr. Dudé'

The honor is all ours Mr. Dudé, believe me. yes. ----Future Link