Rob Maddison

Is a songwriter and producer based in Nottingham UK and currently makes tunes & remixes under the name of Spaceships are cool and as the ‘Dirt-synth’ artist Revenge of Calculon. Rob also plays drums for the indie-electro band Yunioshi.

“It took me a long while to feel confident enough to start playing live again after having a rare spinal tumour removed and the regaining of my confidence was mainly made possible by the amazing support of my fellow band members and friends, not everyone is that lucky. There's actually very little advice or information available that would give disabled musicians the confidence to get out there and perform their music. I firmly believe that if there was some kind of industry-lead support and information network you'd soon see a huge difference in the amount of disabled musicians who make it to the big time!

It's also incredibly frustrating when you suddenly realize that all those venues, recording studios and rehearsal rooms that you once went to are now inaccessible and there's nowhere to even take a leak (although there's always a temptation to go all punk-rock and lob a full leg bag into the audience). A lot of the time you only discover these issues when you arrive on the day; 'yes, there's a big door you can get a wheelchair through at the back of the venue and you can get straight onto the stage from there' great, but they neglected to mention that the door is at the top of a spiral staircase! Yep, that did really happen….”

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The Long and Winding Road: Disabled Access to Live Music
by Rob Maddison

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