Tulio Fuzato -  The Amputee Brazilian Drummer
Mr. Dudé - Lead Voice - Music teacher

Future Link is pleased to have found Mr. Dudé and Tulio and introducing them to the music world of musicians with disabilities.


Up to now, Tulio Fuzato has been getting over his problem. It's a slow process; there's no reason to hurry up but there's a lot of anxiety. It's a daily fight for physical and spiritual improvement that will be carried over till the last day of my life on the earthly plane and later into the spiritual land.

Thank God I've had a lot of help on everything. "Angels" in human form met me on my way. I can cite some of them, or better, their pseudonyms: (Zezé, Lili Blues, Jacob bassist, among many others, besides his children and specially his parents). I must mention ABBR's professionals and the medical team at SOUZA AGUIAR HOSPITAL, in Rio de Janeiro; "River of January".

tulio.fuzato@gmail.com --
http://www.tuliofuzato.com.br --
https://www.facebook.com/tuliofuzato --
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzyG0NzdqSg --
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Mr. Dudé and Tulio

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