Bill Clements: Electric Bassist (One Arm Missing)

Bassist Bill Clements, began playing at the age of 13, inspired by Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, and other prog-rock bass giants. Bill decided early on, one way or another, bass playing would be his path. Forgoing a formal musical education, Bill instead embarked on an intensive program of practice and musical research.
Unfortunately, Bill lost his right hand and forearm, December 1989 in an industrial accident. This catastrophic event would seemingly have ended his promising career as a musician. Yet within three months time, Bill was gigging again, and he hasn't stopped since.

Clements has long received regional acclaim for his prolific style of bass playing, and has been favorably compared to such bass legends as Rocco Prestia and Jaco Pastorius.

In the summer of '05 he released a CD entitled Under ground alien bass that spans over a decade of his career. With a mixture of studio compositions and extemporaneous live recordings, this album displays the exceptional artistry of an unconventional and uncompromising musician.

by Bill Clements

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Exclusive Interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman - May 14, 2012

Michigan native Bill Clements had a promising career as a bass player until he lost his right arm in an industrial accident in 1989. In a tremendous display of determination and sheer guts, Bill developed his own unique one-handed style of bass playing and, remarkably, was able to resume his career. His fiery virtuoso chops have evoked comparisons to bass heroes Jaco Pastorius and Rocco Prestia, among others. Clements continues to astound audiences worldwide.

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