Tobias  Forrest
An artist, an actor and the singer in the Los Angeles based funk/rock band Cityzen -

Tobias Forrest was injured on May 25th, 1998 after diving off of a waterfall into  shallow water at the Grand Canyon. Fortunately, saved through the efforts of many strangers, he bounced back with a positive sense of humor and a passion to create. . Due to his spinal injury years ago, Tobias became a C5 quadriplegic and performs in a wheelchair. Cityzen has an energy filled live show with Nick Woods on drums, Chris Woods on keys, Jeff Line on guitar/vox, and Nick Lopez on bass/vox. They play at venues like The Whiskey, The Roxy, House of Blues and other clubs plus college campuses and disability awareness events. As an actor, Tobias has had a guest starring role on “Weeds”, starred in a national “Walmart” commercial, played the lead in the award winning play “Pyretown” and has had many other great opportunities. In addition, prints of  his oil paintings are in the Museum of Modern Spine.

Born in San Francisco, he moved to Hawaii when he was two and has lived in several states since. After graduating from high school at Valley Forge Military Academy, Tobias went to Northern Arizona University and focused on music and art. A short while after his accident, he moved to Florida, got a Masters in Psychology and found acting as his creative force. Tobias moved to LA in 2003 to get involved with spinal cord research at UCLA while pursuing the gift of art and entertainment. While looking for success in the arts, he hopes to encourage others to live their dreams despite differences, difficulties or disabilities.

New Growth Forrest

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