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Future-Link: The mother of all musicians who happen to be disabled sites, launched 2007. Time passes, and for me, age catches up and complications multiply for this paraplegic, and although I remain ‘active’ - time and energy levels dictate that... I’m still adding musicians who contact me, but no longer searching for them. My new project is getting my amateur poetry out there for comments reviews criticism whatever anyone wants to say about them.


Take a look at CAN-DO-MUSOS, a much more active, and with a four man staffed website rather than this one man operation, can increase the odds of your being ‘discovered’.

David Segal, Mike Mignogna and Andrew Hewitt, met with Dom Famularo at his studio in Port Jefferson, New York and discussed an idea to establish a worldwide organisation to help provide promotion and support to musicians with disabilities. Eventually we will be able to offer performance and touring opportunities in different parts of the world.

Can Do Musos is looking for musicians from all over the world to profile on our site, so far we have people from Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Venezuela and many others . If you would like to know more, please visit our website.

CAN-DO-MUSOS are excited to announce the launch of their Can-Do-Musos newsletter “Can-Do Musical Notes”. Each issue will be featuring stories on artists with challenges and goings on around Can-Do-Musos. Hope you enjoy the read.

Andrew Hewitt
"Australia's Most Inspirational Drummer"

Check out CAN-DO-MUSOS This is a full featured up to date website/directory that I’d venture to say the only such website in the world for musicians who happen to have disabilities.

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UP DATE: 01.09.15 Toni Hickman

Robson Galharde

Mentally handicapped musicians give the best of themselves on stage, playing with professionals. It is a cocktail of energy, generosity and sincerity, for all types of audiences. 

NEW AttitudeCharity Making live music accessible to all

"possibly the most genuinely punk band touring today" -The Sunday Times

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Rob Maddison
Singer songwriter producer Paraplegic

4 Wheel City
Movement 4 Improvement


Artist/Songwriter - Has been a disabled artist since 1998 when a blockage in his throat led to having a permanent tracheotomy tube.

Spider Price
David Price
Guitarist - singer - songwriter - Parkinson’s

Andrew Hewitt
Cerebral Palsy

Mark Goffeney
- [Big Toe] Born without arms

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Tulio Fuzato & Mr. Dudé
Amputee Brazilian Drummer Tulio & Lead Voice - Music teacher -Mr. Dudé who was born without arms. Major inspiration here.

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Billy Brimblecom
Has been playing the drums for more than 20 years.  He has had the opportunity to play with many talented musicians and producers over the years and has toured all throughout the U.S. as well as Japan, Europe, and Canada playing music. 

Bassist Bill Clements
Began playing at the age of 13 - inspired by Chris Squire, and other progressive rock bass giants. Bill lost his right hand and forearm, 1989 in an industrial accident, within three months, Bill was gigging again and he hasn't stopped since.

Lefty Williams
“I definitely don’t wanna shy away from my arm,” says the Atlanta born-and-bred songwriter/musician, who’s been playing guitar since age 4. He started out strumming with the end of his “nubb,” and fashioned his first prosthetic pick at 6. “I was just using the skin on my arm—the same way a fingerstyle player would use his thumb.

Beaver Felton
Bassist, Teacher, Businessman, Paraplegic- Interview with Beaver from Bass Inside magazine. Our second listing after Abon. Beaver operates Bass Central music store specializing in high end basses and amplification. spelautomater på nätet

Leroy F Moore Jr.
"Krip-Hop displays the beauty and strength of collaboration and disabled music history, present and future."

Tracy Marie
Has had both hips replaced... On a normal day, though, she has problems standing for more than 5-10 minutes before pain sets in because of the dysplasia and osteoarthritis…

Rick Allen
The drummer for Def Leppard lost an arm in a car accident in 1984. "The first sound we ever heard was our mother’s heartbeat: The rhythm of life. Each and every one of our ancestors came from a tribe of people who all sat around a fire and communicated through percussion... The Raven Drum Foundation

Rob Da’ noize Temple
Erbs Palsy

Eddie Tuduri
No one knows the healing power of rhythm better than Tuduri, 60, who during his 40-year rock ’n’ roll career worked as a drummer for The Beach Boys, Dwight Yoakam and dozens of other performers. In 1997, Tuduri was bodysurfing near his Carpinteria home when a wave slammed him to the bottom of the ocean, breaking his neck and leaving him temporarily paralyzed. 07/16/10. caça niqueis

Laurence Amery
Deafness -By the time I was 27 I was missing a lot of conversations and starting to avoid some situations... couldn't make out much of the dialogue... didn't matter because night after night I was out with a band, gigging, with the drums ringing in my ears all the way home. MORE slots

Jeff Moyer
A 21st century renaissance man who works as guitarist, songwriter, author, producer, public speaker, historian and advocate for human rights is blind. casino bonukset ilman talletusta

A quote from New Mobility magazine posted on a wall in his living room reads; "He’s 3 feet tall, his bones are brittle, and he uses a wheel chair what makes him think he can make it in the music biz? He believes in himself, and that’s all he needs.”  He's barely three feet tall. Slot Spiele

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the Coalition for Disabled Musicians

Is a long running site created and run by a group of disabled musicians
Do check them out!
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