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The University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies announces registration for the international symposium, "Diversity and Disability: Reflections on Women, Culture and Sexuality," slated for March 3-4, 2001 in Honolulu.


Registration Opens for UH Diversity and Disability Symposium, Film and Art Exhibit During "Women's History Month," March 3-31, 2001

Early registration deadline is Feb. 23, at a cost of $85 [includes two meal receptions and admission to the screening of "Dance Me To My Song"]; For three college credits add: $67. Late registration, add $10.

To register and to arrange accessibility accommodations, contact Valerie Shearer at 808-956-2673 or Martha Guinan at 808-956-9810. To register online, The symposium is a pre-event to the 17th annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities March 4-6 at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

The aim of the "Women's History Month" symposium is to explore topics
related to love, sex and intimate relationships in the real world of women
and girls with disabilities. The goal is to promote a broader
understanding of the lives of women with disabilities by highlighting
important topics that impact the lives of all women and girls.

The symposium is open to people, especially women and girls, with

disabilities, their family members, special and regular education

teachers, advocates, health care providers, supporters of women, cultural

and gender diversity and professionals in all fields related to the

welfare and education of women and girls and people with disabilities.

Central to the symposium is the screening of the 1998 Cannes Film Festival

film selection "Dance Me to My Song." A talented writer who stars in the

film, Heather Rose was born with cerebral palsy and depends on a personal

attendant for her day-to-day care. The film's co-screenwriter, Ms. Rose

will fly from Australia, courtesy of Qantas Airways, to participate in the

symposium and the Pacific Rim Conference.

Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and Qantas Airways are

supporters of "Dance Me To My Song" and the symposium, along with the UH

Presidents Diversity Initiative. The symposium is supported by diversity,

women and disability advocacy organizations across the state and the UH

system. College credit is available through UH-Manoa Outreach College.

"Diversity and Disability: Reflections on Women, Culture and Sexuality"


MARCH 3: Presentations, Panel and Roundtable Discussions


1. The Impact of Cultural Perceptions on the Sexuality Images of Girls and

Women with Disabilities

2. Sexuality and Public Schools: How to Approach Sexuality in the


3. How Particular Disabilities Affect Sexuality and Sexuality Education

4. Sexual Pleasure and Reproduction: Teaching Youth about Sexuality

5. Fostering Relationships and Enabling Romance: Some Suggestions

6. Reproduction and Birth Control: Getting the Facts, Getting Them


7. Caretakers: The Impact of Disabilities on Their Intimate Relationships

and Sexuality


MARCH 4: Film Screening, Presentations, Panel and Roundtable Discussions


1. Screening: "Dance Me to My Song" (Meet Co-Screenwriter/Actor Heather

Rose); Discussion: Film and Other Media Portrayals of Women and Girls with


2. Sex, Love, & Relationships in the Real World: Dangers and Triumphs of

Girls and Women with Disabilities

3. Sexual Orientation and Self-Image: A Discussion with Women with

Disabilities and their Partners in Same-Sex and Heterosexual Relationships

4. Expressions of Sexuality: Conventional Lovemaking and Beyond

5. Personal Assistants: Exploring the Boundaries and Taboos of Intimacy in

Adult Helping Relationships

Diversity and Disability Presenters

Rhonda Black, University of Hawaii-Manoa, Professor

Pamela Block, Brown University, Professor

Marlene Craven, George Washington University, Self Advocate

Tanis Doe, University of Victoria, Professor, Self Advocate

Cathy Eyre Sex Abuse Treatment Center, Community Educator

Lillian Holcomb, Hilo Psychologist, Self Advocate

Bonnie Jones, Orange County, California, Mother, Self Advocate

Elham McInnis, Kahi Mohala-Honolulu, Therapist, Self Advocate

Beverly Morton, Family Planning of Hawaii, Community Educator

Trina Nahm-Mijo, Hawaii Community College, Professor

My Lien Nguyen, UH-Manoa Botany, PhD Candidate, Self Advocate

Emma Pavich, Hawaii Education Consultant

Carol Plummer, University of Michigan, Professor

Heather Proud, Maui CC Student, Self-Advocate

Susan Rocco, Helen Smalley-Bower, Parents of People w/ Disabilities

Kanalu G. Terry Young, UH-Manoa Hawaiian Studies, Professor, Self Advocate

Pam Vessels, Life Foundation, Minister, Community Educator

Erin Wirth, Sex Abuse Treatment Center-Honolulu, Community Educator

Joanne Yamada, Hawaii Community Foundation, Film Critic, Self Advocate

"Women's History Month" Calendar At A Glance


March 3: "Diversity and Disability: Reflections on Women, Culture and

Sexuality" symposium; Day 1 at UH-Manoa Campus Center Ballroom, 8 a.m. to

5:30 p.m. To register by mail, contact Valerie Shearer at 956-2673 or

Martha Guinan at 956-9810. To register online,

March 4: "Diversity and Disability: Reflections on Women, Culture and

Sexuality" symposium; Day 2 at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, 8 a.m. to 5:30

p.m., in conjunction with the 17th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on



March 4: "Dance Me To My Song." In Honolulu; 9 a.m. at Waikiki

Theatre; contact, Martha Guinan, 956-9810 or Open to

the public; ticket donation, $5.

March 7; "Dance Me To My Song." In Hilo, 5 p.m., Palace Theatre,

information in Hilo. For Information in Hilo, contact Trina Nahm-Mijo at

808/974-7551, or email: or Sherry Winkelman at Palace

Theatre, p. 934-7010,


March 14-31. Art of Women": "Celebrating the Challenges and Successes

Hawaii's Women and Girl Artists with Disabilities." Another history month

event, the aim of the exhibit is to raise the level of recognition and

respect for the diversity of artwork created by Hawaii's women and girl

artists with disabilities. Organizers seek work in all media from girls

and women artists with disabilities for a show at Honolulu Hale during

March 2001 Women's History month. Application deadline is February 10,

2001. For more information about the exhibit and the reception, contact

Sally Bartholomew at 395-3317 or email Lori Sakaguchi at

March 14. "Art of Women" Exhibit Opening reception: " 6 -8 p.m. The public

is invited to meet the artists and view their work. The artwork

encompassing all creative disciplines and featuring women and girl artists

whose work is first-rate by any standard. The exhibit runs March 14-31 at

the Honolulu Hale, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. on King Street. The

event is supported by the Honolulu County Committees on the Status of

Women and People with Disabilities, ARC, the Contemporary Art Museum and

the University of Hawaii.

About the UH-Manoa Center on Disability Studies

The Center on Disability Studies, a Hawaii University Affiliated Program,

was established in 1988 and is part of a national program of more than 60

University Affiliated Programs funded under the Developmental Disabilities

Act by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. The center is

operated under the Office of the Senior Vice President of Research and the

Dean of the Graduate Division. University Affiliated Programs are located

within universities in every state and territory of the United States with

the primary purpose of promoting improved quality of life for persons with

disabilities through core functions of interdisciplinary training,

research, service, and dissemination of products and promising

practices. Funded primarily by federal grants to conduct special projects

the center focuses on special health needs, transition/employment, mental

health, school and community inclusion, disability studies, and Pacific


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