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Advice to new wheelers: Wear gloves.
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
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My Hands/Your Hands

Wear gloves? I do not recall ever being told by my physical therapist  to wear gloves. This was way back in 1980, I had never heard of wheelchair gloves. I doubt that she heard of them either. Before the accident I was an active guy. After the accident I remained active. I pushed my chair and me up hills, over gravel, dirt roads strewn with fallen tree branches and occasional piles of rocks. I was tough and nothing was going to stop me. I wheeled in rain, snow and mud. The years passed, still no gloves. 

Ten years of pushing the chair went by before I came upon an ad for wheelchair gloves. I ordered a pair, wore them off and on for several months, got tired of taking them off and then having to pull the fingers right side out in order to get them on again. They wore out and I never replaced them. I began using leather work gloves when I was working in the yard and wheeling on rugged ground.  Several more years passed, no regular use of gloves yet. MISTAKE. I may have been strong and tough, but my hands were taking a beating, they did all the dirty work. They are paying the price today. I am paying the price today. Transferring is painful to my hands. Sometimes I am unable to complete a transfer because my wrist gives out and my body lands somewhere between the couch or the bed and my chair. Wheeling, without gloves, even on flat ground, is painful to my hands. -Gary

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Compression of a nerve in the wrist (median) that produces numbness, tingling, and sometimes pain. Weakness of the first three fingers and thumb may also occur.  

Symptoms: tingling of palm surface of hand, first three fingers, often worse at night or with driving. Can also be associated with tingling, burning and pain of entire arm, neck and hip, and thigh. May be one or two sided. 

One of the causes of this condition are occupations that which require forceful or repetitive wrist movements… Sound familiar? 

The above information from: Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide
by Burton Goldberg. Future Medicine Publishing.

Now I wear gloves 95% of the time that I am out, and about 60% of the time I am at home. I have become very conscious of my hands and the need to take care of them. I love my hands, I love my gloves; which by the way, are HaTch Gloves.  Paralinks sells this style, my favorite, below, for $13.50 (free shipping). You can also order from Hatch

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