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November 20th 1998

Wheelchair sports writer
For new W.C. Sports page.

This page is a new feature and we would like a wheelchair sports writer who would do editorials, interviews, articles, and research on the latest happenings in the Wheelchair Sports World, such as new equipment coming onto the market,  and highlighting folks with SCI who are racing autos, climbing mountains and etceteras.   There is no pay for this great position, but if you have ever wanted to be a magazine columnist, here is your chance.
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Wheelchair Sports Directory

New South Wales Wheelchair Sports Association

There are fourteen official wheelchair sports recognised by the International Stoke-Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation (governing body) and these sports are featured in regional, national, and international programmes throughout the world. The sports are: archery, athletics, basketball, fencing, lawn bowls, racquetball, rugby, shooting, snooker, swimming, table tennis, tennis, weightlifting and winter sports.

California Dreaming Presents   Specialty Sports---Wheelchair Sports

United States Quad Rugby Association
Wheelchair Rugby was first developed in Canada in the Late 1970’s and was originally called murderball. The sport was introduced to the United States by Brad Mikkelsen and the University of North Dakota in the early 1980’s. Since its introduction, wheelchair rugby has enjoyed tremendous growth in the United States and beyond. The game is now actively played in more than 20 countries throughout the world and is recognized as an official Paralympic sport.

From its earliest beginnings to the present day, Wheelchair Sports, USA, has been directed and developed by wheelchair athletes and wheelchair sports enthusiasts themselves, individuals with a first-hand understanding to the values of participation. This site has links to many l wheelchair sport organizations and a world wide Event Calendar up to the year 2000!

Sports on Wheels  ...wheelchair sports and recreational opportunities for individuals in southeastern Kentucky.  Membership has grown from 8 to 25 members who vary in age from six to forty-six, with differing abilities from spinal cord injuries, amputations, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy.

Winners  On Wheels: Our Mission: To empower youth in wheelchairs to be all that they can be, challenging them to reframe their environment and to contribute confidently to their community and world.

MAUI SEA KAYAKING  Ocean Kayaking for the physically challenged.
Our "NETWORK" of friends includes accessible hotels and condos, Scuba for the disabled (PADI certification available), snorkeling and view boards, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and island guides that can show/drive you to the outback secret spots still unspoiled by the thundering herds.

Shared Adventures  in Santa Cruz California, is dedicated to bringing the outdoors into the lives of people with special needs and physical challenges. Foster Andersen, co-author of "Living in the State of Stuck" and a quadriplegic, initiated the program to provide a much needed service to this often neglected sector of our population.

Wheelchair Tennis's Website

Wheelchair Fitness Program