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These Rockers Really Roll

Van Gogh - the country’s best-known and perhaps only touring rock band led by performers who use wheelchairs has released their self titled 4th CD to Top 40 radio which features a track written and loaned to them by “The Artist” formerly known as Prince.

Known for their granny glasses and funky hats, the Atlanta based band which was formed in 1992 consists of vocalist/music writer Robby Heisner, 36, lyricist/vocalist Ricky Heisner, 38, and drummer Scott Robertson, 35, who is a paraplegic and uses an adaptive device to operat the kick pedal.

Both Heisner brothers have Becker muscular dystrophy and as a result, use eye-popping
super-fast electric wheelchairs in their daily lives as well as onstage.

As serious musicians, the Heisners’ carefully negotiate the line between drawing attention away from their wheelchairs and
toward their music.

“We like songs with melody and harmonies. It should be a fun, positive experience, not mad at the world, hating life” says Robby.

Despite their enormous popularity in disability circles, Van Gogh’s songs are notoriously free of references to disability. “We don’t write message songs. We hope our message is in our actions.
The fact that we do it well says more than if we gave a seminar.” explains Ricky.

“We don’t sing it’s Hip to be Crip or Kumbaya kind of music” says Robby, “that’s not what our music is about. We’re musicians who just happen to have disabilities.”

“We’ll hold our music up to anybody’s” adds Ricky. “It’s important to do what you do with excellence and integrity. It’s all about the music. We’re a rock and roll band writing and singing rock and roll music that we hope people will like.”  

Contact Information:

Kimberley Barreda (
IMAGE Management
1-800-300-6438 (North America)
or 406-862-5660
or see the Van Gogh website at  

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