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'Valerie 23'

Valerie is the "perfect" woman in every sense of the word, 
except there's a catch - she is an "inorganic human," better known as a robot.

Synopsis: Frank Hellner is an attractive scientist who works at Cryo-botics - a company specializing in robotics. His best friend and boss, Charlie Rogers feels a sense of responsibility for Frank because he is a paraplegic, the victim of a tragic automobile accident. Charlie is continually trying to find female companions for Frank, and after many failed attempts, Frank agrees to meet Valerie.

Cryo-botics needs to test Valerie, and because she is designed to be a companion for physically challenged men, Frank is the perfect candidate. At first he doesn't want anything to do with Valerie, but after a change of heart, he agrees to a one-week trial run.

Despite Valerie's impeccable housekeeping skills, Frank is still uncomfortable with fact that she is an "inorganic human." But as Valerie becomes increasingly affectionate, Frank finally gives in to the passion. Programmed to please her companion, Valerie takes the sexual encounter very seriously. Frank immediately knows the intimate relationship was a mistake and tells Valerie how he feels.

Besides sensuality, Valerie exhibits some not-so-pleasant human traits like anger and jealousy. When Rachel (Nancy Allen), Frank's physical therapist, invites him to a bar, Valerie seethes with envy. This reaction is particularly disturbing since Valerie has the strength of a superhuman robot, something the scientists at Cryo-botics didn't expect to be an issue. When Valerie watches the couple from outside the bar, she becomes even more jealous.

Valerie sneaks in the car with Frank when he goes to meet Rachel for a rock-climbing outing. This turns out to be the perfect opportunity for Valerie to get Rachel out of the picture. When she tries to throw her off a cliff, Frank is forced to disable Valerie by remote. Once the Cryo-botics scientists realize their experiment has gone awry, they take her back to the lab for disassembly.

Frank decides he needs to say good-bye to Valerie and reactivates her one more time. Valerie tries to rekindle the relationship, but Frank rejects her again. When he leaves the lab to go see Rachel, Valerie becomes crazed with anger. She follows him, determined to dispose of Rachel, her arch rival. Humans are no match for the robot, so after an inhuman display of strength, Frank must resort to giving Valerie the shock of her life.

"Valerie 23," is the sci-fi version of a lover-betrayed romance. An android knockout (Sofia Shinas) develops a fatal attraction for a paraplegic scientist (William Sadler), meaning bad news for him and his Descartes-reading physical therapist (Nancy Allen). Personally, I'd keep the android...  -Written by: Jonathan Glassner


Bill Sadler ................... Frank Hellner
Sofia Shinas ........................ Valerie
Nancy Allen ..................... Rachel Rose
Tom Butler ................... Charlie Rogers