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Travel & Disability: A Review of Disability Studies Forum

A Call for Papers


Announcing a Call for Papers for the scholarly forum "Travel and Disability." Papers are sought in one of four categories:


  • The history of inclusive travel (travel accommodating those with disabilities)
  • The impact of travel on self-identity and disability culture(s)
  • The representation of travelers with disabilities in the myth and practice of the travel and hospitality industry
  • The place of Universal Design in the sustainability of inclusive travel

In addition, freestanding bibliographies from reviews of the literature will be accepted in any language and the maximum breadth of language representation is sought. 


The forum will appear in the Review of Disability Studies Spring 2005 issue. Article length is approximately 7 - 10 pages single-spaced. Article proposals are requested by August 15, 2004. Send them to Dr. Scott Rains, at


The first round submission deadline for completed articles is November 15, 2004.


The language of publication is English. The editors are committed to working with new authors and those unable to submit in English.  Joint authorship is encouraged, when appropriate, to insure a diversity of geographic representation in the volume.


Further information on the Review of Disability Studies is available at: 
Submission guidelines: submissions/guidelines/default.htm

Updates will be posted
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Contact: Scott Rains. D. Min. Resident Scholar-- UC Santa Cruz, Oakes College, Center for Cultural Studies


Scott Rains

Scott Rains