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Artistic Director and Teacher : Michael Bougon ; DVD Director : Cyril Auribault pour Artis-Studio - Producer : Musique & Handicap 78

MYTHOMAN is one TERANGA’s favorite songs. Mentally handicapped musicians give the best of themselves on stage, playing with professionals. It is a cocktail of energy, generosity and sincerity, for all types of audiences. There are 2 parts : first part is the integral concert, and secondly a documentary that is to show the work and the process for creating the music that the musicians go through, based on rhythm sensations. 

TERANGA : project and goals

TERANGA in Senegal means: “The land of welcome, sharing and hospitality.” TERANGA is a show that gathers mentally handicapped musicians - most of them having Downs Syndrome - with professional musicians. They began performing in 2000.
The goals for this project are: Integrate to society the handicapped musicians performing with professionals   To become a band standard for the handicapped people and their environment. It is a band where the handicapped person can feel good with, identify with.   Inspire vocations and thanks to the therapeutic effects (better concentration, better psychomotricity…) and suggest to devellop this kind of project in appropriate establishments.

TERANGA : performing

TERANGA had their first concert in 2000 at the Palais des Congrès of Paris, for the 40th anniversary of the UNAPEI (“National Committee of Friends and Parents of Handicapped Children”). Since then, they have played at The Cabaret Sauvage in Paris (Festival sponsored by the Mairie of Paris), at the Trocadéro (“Handicap days of UNAPEI”), at the Ministery of Justice and at Champs de Mars (“Defistival”).

More info and shows: www.teranga-show.com 


TERANGA partners

TERANGA, a mixture of personal creativity and group spirit, is supported with donations and sponsorships from the FONDATION de FRANCE, “Les arts et les Autres” Foundation, AIR FRANCE Foundation, the Yvelines General Council, Bois Mesnuls APEI, and the city of Trappes.