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PROFESSIR X - DJ - Rapper - Video Editor - Advocate - Quadriplegic

In 1987, Richard Gaskin, a Queens NY resident, was shot by a friend over a personal dispute. The result would change Richard's life and those around him forever.

The bullet severed his spine leaving him unable to walk. This meant that from now on, Richard would be confined to a wheelchair.

Richard's well being now depended on his family and friends, all of whom, fortunately for him, were extremely loyal and wanted to be there for him.
Richard was never a trouble maker or into the negative things that his surroundings had an abundance of. He was a local DJ, and aspiring artist, who was on the fast track to making a career for himself. He also was becoming proficient in Hung Gar Kung-Fu, which taught him the discipline he needed to succeed. It was in part envy over his accomplishments and chosen life style, that brought Richard to his fate with some one he trusted.

Moving on, Richard would slowly regain his ability to be the artist that he was. As the years went by, it occurred to him that turning his music into a message for young people could encourage them to stay focused and follow their dreams, while avoiding the many pitfalls in life.

In 2005, after doing a tribute song to Christopher Reeve, a hero of his, Richard was invited by the Christopher Reeve Foundation to perform at the Capitol Building in the company of Dana Reeve, Hillary Clinton, and other senators politicians, many renown doctors.

Since then, Richard has been asked to perform at various venues related to paralysis, and has taken part in round table discussions and gala events with New Jersey's Governor Corzine, and Governor Cody, as well Michael J. Fox, and other celebrities who are fighting for research needed to cure paralysis and other degenerative diseases.

In addition to his appearances, Richard has founded a non-profit organization called, the I Believe Organization. The purpose of the foundation is to promote awareness of the research being done and currently needed to help cure the diseases and conditions that affect him, and so many others. This is done by utilizing technology, to make informative presentations, and to spread the word via mediums such as audio, video, and the web. This method, in conjunction with live performances, will go a long way to getting people involved in such an important cause.

NOTE FROM RICHARD: Hello, My name is Richard Gaskin aka Professir X, I am a paralyzed journalist, producer, advocate and entertainer with aspirations to bring diversity into mainstream media. Unlike most visionaries who seek to categorize injuries and diseases into serving one audience, my vision is to produce media and literature that satisfies an educational department to a network television sitcom. Media as such is an important outlet to a companies recognition and creating a media base relationship was my main objective towards delivering awareness. Millions of individuals must live their daily lives using a wheelchair and home attendants to survive. A percentage of dedicated viewers of television networks are the disabled, living with a disease , house wives and home care assistants who look over an individual at home.


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