Wayne MacDonald: Singer - Song Writer - Guitarist -  Paraplegic

My name is Wayne MacDonald. I have played guitar since I was twelve years old. Back then I would pull a string off my guitar to get out of the pain of practice. Get back outside to play with my friends. My dad never did figure it out. I have been a binge player for most of my life. Since meeting my fiend Larry Melton back in 2001, my frequency has shot through the stratosphere. Larry is a talented and soulful singer/songwriter. His inspiration has lead me into a new realm of musical being. I am primarily an acoustic player. I just purchased a limited edition Larrivee. It plays like a dream!

I love and play anything from Cat Stevens to Led Zep, Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot, Coldplay to Snow Patrol.
The Halton Hills Chapter of the The Spinal Cord Society was founded in 2001 by Wayne MacDonald.
Wayne was rendered a paraplegic after falling fourteen feet from a roof while performing his duties as a refrigeration journeyman. Wayne has succeeded in raising awareness and cure research funds to the tune of $200,000.00 since the chapter's inception. Join Wayne and many others to help make the statement "not if, but when" sooner. The Spinal Cord Society has been actively working on cure research since 1978. They have a clear and strong mandate to see it through until the answer is found.

Sincerely Wayne MacDonald
Halton Hills SCS

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I have been writing recently and recording at my good friend Sal's. He owns and runs Erinwood Studio.

This song I wrote for the love of the rest of my life: It is called "ALL I WANT" Because she truly is all I will ever want, now and forever.