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Shake-A-Leg Announces Summer, 2006 Programs for Adults and Youth with Disabilities

Shake-A-Leg is offering its Whole Life Therapy for Adults (formerly Body Awareness Therapy) this coming summer.  This is an intensive, goal-oriented, residential, second-stage rehabilitation program for adults with spinal cord injury and related central nervous system dysfunction. The program offers team-building, peer-to-peer challenge and group work as well as physical, occupational and recreational therapy. The unique combination of complementary and traditional therapies, leading to increased self-sufficiency for each participant, is offered nowhere else in the United States. This program will run Sunday, June 18 through Saturday, July 15, 2006  

Shake-A-Leg also offers a summer residential therapy program for teens, now called Whole Life Therapy for Teens. This two-week program attracts adolescents with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities from all over the country and gives them an opportunity to expand their horizons and develop personal responsibility while trying new sports, participating in a variety of therapies and interacting with peers.

This program will run Sunday, July 23 through Saturday, August 5, 2006  

For children, “Confidence is Cool” Children’s Camp for kids 7-12 year old will run weekly day programs in July. This program provides for kids with physical disabilities an environment that builds confidence and friendships.  

Also, Shake-A-Leg’s Adaptive Sailing Program offers the benefits of sailing to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. Sailing programs run June through September.

Shake-A-Leg is a Rhode Island 501 (c) 3 organization devoted to helping individuals with neurological disabilities to move beyond their disability towards independence and mobility. Shake-A-Leg has improved the lives of thousands of people through multi-faceted therapy programs that focus on improving the mind, body and spirit.   For more information about Shake-A-Leg or this summer’s programs call 401-849-8898 or visit the website at www.shakealeg.org.

Ruth Taylor  for Shake-A-Leg

401-849-8898 - ruth@shakealeg.org

Shake-A-Leg Announces Summer, 2006 Programs for Adults and Youth with Disabilities
Thursday, October 20, 2005 - For more information call: Tim Flynn, Executive Director 401-849-8898