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Sex & Spinal Cord Injury - “Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are.” -Anna Freud Freud

DISABLED SEX, excerpt from LIFE ON WHEELS by Gary Karp

  “Intimacy really has much less to do with sexual “function” than many people assume. Caring touch is what truly satisfies - giving and receiving it. Loving and being loved is ultimately a more powerful human exchange than “raw sex” and can be expressed in an infinite variety of ways. Subtlety and sensuality between two people who care about each other’s happiness can be the sexiest experience available to us in this life. This has very little to do with the act of genital intercourse, and is clearly available to anyone. Regardless of any disability, the human need for contact is innate. There is not a person alive who is not nurtured and healed by sincere loving contact. In this sense, a disability can be a gift. Once the ability to “perform” in the stereotypical sense becomes limited, the focus can shift to gentler and often more intimate levels of sexuality. The pressure is off, and a couple can simply savor the truth of their loving feelings, as easily expressed through a kiss or caress as through genital sexual intercourse. Sex becomes more of an adventure, a chance to discover that there are many ways to touch, many parts of the body that are highly sensitive. That orgasm can take new forms.

In fact, disabled sex can be even better. Sensuality is, by its nature, driven by deep emotions. Stronger feelings make for better sex. The widespread emphasis on “normal” intercourse and orgasm can often be a distraction from this deeper personal connection between lovers. For a disabled person, sex can become much more precious exactly because of the existence of limitations. The principle holds that once you have lost certain options the others become more precious. If you experienced early fears that sexual activity may not be an option - or simply worried that sex would be complicated - the discovery of deeper intimacy in a relationship takes on added meaning. Changing the emphasis from intercourse to caring intimacy - and the many, many remaining options for lovemaking - is precisely what makes it possible. It makes for a heightened sense of the miracle of human sexuality. There is relief in discovering that one can be affirmed as a sensual being regardless of any physical disability, that it can enhance our awareness of what love - and sex - really is.” Life On Wheels Web Site - Gary Karp writes a great column on Sexuality and Disability for check it out.

Paraplegic Can’t Wed?

This story is six years past, yet it still plays a part in our mental processes, and may reflect how many people think.  It is an example of ‘past-think’. Decide for yourself  the relevance of the meaning of this way of judging others lives.   Many folks have asked about  sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury. I looked around the Web and did not see much on the subject that was clear,  positive and straight forward, so, I am telling what I know, which is far from everything.  If any of you know better,  more, or otherwise, please let us know what you know! Here is the story:

Associated Press March 31 1996 BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -A Roman Catholic bishop has prohibited the marriage of a paraplegic man because he would not be able to have sex with his future wife and father children. No mercy. Bishop Joao Bosco de Faria rejected a request to marry Elzimar de Lourdes Serafim and Edir Antonio de Brito, 44, a paraplegic who lives in southeastern Minas Gerais state. The couple has decided to get married in the Orthodox Church, Brito said. The wedding date has been set for April 27.

If the bishop was hip to the real world, or had done some research, he would have known that Paraplegics DO have sex, enjoy it! AND they father children! Modern technology or miracle? Being an SCI does not mean that you don’t have sex. Who fosters these misconceptions?  Sex is not just about having kids, although this is how we were originally programmed!