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Send Mail 3/18/02

Grace of My Hearts Sexuality Questionnaire for Women with SCI

I am creating a sexuality questionnaire for women with SCI as a project for my Human Sexuality class, and to possibly help other women to increase their sexual pleasure.  The responses will be assimilated and presented as an article on this web site.  If possible, I'd like to use some information from women's responses to network women with each other who may be interested in communicating more in-depth, personal information in the future.

We're looking for women with spinal cord injuries to contribute to an overall understanding of sexuality after SCI!!  It seems that there is not enough specific information available for women with SCI on the Internet. (Has anyone researched and found any good information on this subject from the library and/or medical journal research?)

The purpose of this sexuality questionnaire is to gather information from women with spinal cord injuries about their specific, personal sexual experiences in order to share this information with those women (and their partners) who would like to gain knowledge, insight, and inspiration in order to increase their experience of sexual pleasure.

We're hoping to gain specific information about women's erogenous and orgasmic responses resulting from stimulation.  Equally as important, we like to find out about specific challenges to sexual functioning due to lack of genital sensation, as well as many other changes in sexual desire and interest after SCI.

Your responses to this sexuality questionnaire will definitely help others to discover new techniques for enhancing physical, emotional, and psychological sexual pleasure!

Is there a question or issue that you would love to find out about? I would be interested to know if anyone out there in cyberspace has a specific question that they would like to add to this questionnaire, which would help expand your/our understanding of the sexual experience for women with SCI.

Personally, I found my sexual experiences have greatly increased my overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being!!  Contact me if you would like to be a part of the survey.  Because of my hectic schedule this month, I am not able to check my email on a regular basis which is why mail will be forwarded to me from Gary. -Grace 

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