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Gloves for Life
Unique custom Gloves for Quadriplegics.

Spinal Cord Cam: Buz a.k.a.

Mongo Filongly

Callahan On-Line!!!

There's absolutely nothing funny about a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Unless, of course, that person is John Callahan. For nearly a decade, this irreverent cartoonist has been shocking America with his own special brand of wicked humor. In the world of Callahan, nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo and nothing is funnier!


So, you're a new Quad...  welcome to  Purgatory. Well, not entirely, but for a while perhaps. It's pretty rough, huh? It was for me. 

Life can get better, though, depending on what you do from this moment on.

  --Stephen L. Crowder a.k.a. Nick Danger, Founder of DANGERWOOD

The Tyranny



Constance Laymon Interprets the Primacy of the Visual and Contemplates Reintegrating the Past.

Scott T. Duffy: Artist

Craig Sheely: Photographer

on the Internet

By Heather Proud

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Quadriplegic Jailed

Wheelchair junkie
n. pl wheelchair junkies (1923) I slang a. a wheelchair user b. a person who derives inordinate pleasure from the mobility of a wheelchair  
c. a wheelchair junk dealer.  

Pie* Medical Corp
Roy Abel Chairman and Founder, a quadriplegic. Solutions to chronic bowel problems.


by John Callahan coming soon to a bookstore near you
on sale 8/31/04

Synopsis: Ready . . . aim . . . draw! Whether itís popular culture, celebrity worship, current events, or media madnessóCallahan shoots from the seated hip . . . and no one is spared his special brand of politically incorrect lampoons. Armed with his trusty pen and a twisted sense of humor, he skewers everything and everyone, from Michael Jackson to Michael Moore, NBC to the New York Times, private obsessions to national security.

And letís face it, if you donít buy this book, youíve let the terrorists win.



The Quadriplegic Connection
Quadriplegic Web Sites

NEW Matthew Ginop a C5/6 Quadriplegic, the result of a diving accident in 1999, has developed a resource site for those with a spinal cord injury or other disabling injury or disease of the spine.  Provides health information and resources related to spinal cord injuries and contains related links with site descriptions. SCI Info Pages -Great Spinal Cord Injury Site! Be sure to check the SCI News Blog often!

Quadriplegic and climbing enthusiast Brad Zdanivsky has succeeded in his dream to go where no other quadriplegic climber has ever gone... straight up the face of the world famous Squamish Chief! On July 11th 'B-Zee' took the hard way up the famed wall of rock. After a 30 minute trek in to the base of the wall B-Zee was ready to set out on his way... straight up. 

Seen in the picture on the left, Brad pulls his revolutionary climbing rig up by repeated 'chin-up' like movements. Each 'chin-up' advances the rope and a one-way locking device holds the rope while Brad reaches up to prepare for his next pull. Total information at: Rod McQuade "You are about to enter the first reality website that I know of. I will be going though allot of my emotions and personal experiences. I invite you to leave any questions or comments that you have on my guest book... I received a spinal cord injury C 5/7 on 8.8.01 while out playing around after work... I'm really a newbie... but my success has been outstanding & they say that has allot to do with attitude... The damage I've done to myself was my own damn fault and damn lucky no one else got hurt. I've often thought that I'm better off with no one to blame but me because it seems easier that way to except my injury." Ed note: Another great web site geared for the newly paralyzed.

Apparelyzed This site is run by Simon Roulstone, a C5/6 Quadriplegic who was paralyzed in 1992 following a car crash in Leicestershire, UK. And has turned to humor to promote disability awareness. 

Buy your  next 'T' shirt here. 

Look Ma No Hands A Site by Bill Miller. An expression often used by a young boy to unintentionally increase his mother's heart rate by demonstrating a newfound ability to ride a bicycle without clutching the handlebars. Here, however, it's the chosen slogan for a quadriplegic to demonstrate some of what can be accomplished sans hands. Also information on wheelchair bowling.

News From The Edge
Coming Soon: Michaels Book almost finished

Michael Kanouff  "...By avoiding embracing my paralysis, I remained broken in two, my lower body was floating under the water of paralysis, my upper body was doing its best to hold myself up in the walking world. My arms can’t pull me up and out. Refusing to go under, I hold onto the shoreline of the walking as they lead a "normal" life. I’m tired of treading water. These last months have been the dark night of my soul. It is time to accept my new life in its entirety, let go of my attachments to the walking world and surrender to the deep dark waters of the inevitable. Sinking below the surface I'm in a new world! It's brighter than I feared. I don't want to be here, but here I am. Walking is still my goal! But now I’ll explore this dark surreal world under the water of every day life. My first report, I’m not alone under the water. There are other people down here..." From Chapter 6 of Michael's 'Dark Water of the Soul'

Eleven Seconds Travis Roy's life-long dream of becoming a professional hockey player was shattered on the ice -- eleven seconds after his first face-off as a Boston University forward in October, 1995 -- when he hit the boards and was paralyzed from the shoulders down. Travis's vision of his life and his commitment to the game of hockey have metamorphosed into a courageous struggle to create awareness and community for all spinal cord injury persons.

"The way I look at it, I've passed my first year as a quadriplegic. I've learned an entirely new way of living, and have gone through the first round of lessons...and now I'm excited to tackle year two. The competitive side of my nature is growing in me again. I feel it so clearly." TR (The Travis Roy Foundation was established in 1997 to help other victims of spinal cord injuries and to fund research into a cure. Inspired by Travis' own story.

Jeff Galli Home This web site is dedicated to Jeff's second birth in 1998. While at a Fourth of July party, Jeff dove into a swimming pool, and broke his neck. He became one of thousands of annual American victims of a sport-related Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Jeff was born into a strange new world known as quadriplegia. He was paralyzed, unable to move or feel anything below his neck. Unable even to breathe without mechanical assistance. He took his last normal breath before he hit the water. 

Editor's note: Jeff's web site is a must visit. If you are looking for detailed and specific information on electric wheelchairs and the use of computer technology for quadriplegics, here is where you will find it!

The Horizontal Paul Music Project This music project is about my dream to be recognised as a singer/songwriter and musician. It is a hope that I can inspire the able and disabled to be creative, and not to give up on their dreams because they feel their disability limits, or prevents them, in any way. My name is Paul Simpson  but was christened Horizontal Paul by a radio presenter (John Holmes) and use it to record under. We have recently set up MOBY which is a free Mobile Recording Studio for the disabled. Although we need a lot of help, we have at least demonstrated there is a demand for the service. 

Andy Lee My life these days is very fulfilling. I have developed a lot of new interests and hobbies.  Where a lot of doors closed on the day of my accident, as many, if not more have opened since then.  Life with a spinal cord injury can be immensely challenging, and yes, I still have 'bad' days.  With time and knowledge you can rise above those challenges and start living the life you never ever thought you'd see again.  I have and am here to prove it.

Harold Trenier -aka Slick A C6-7 Quad for22 years. Without going into a long story it would be easier for you to just visit my site and read my story, see  what I've done. Once there just click on SLICKS PLACE on the left side of the screen, and the journey will start. -Music, acting , comedy, cooking -- Slick does it all....

Planet Quad I'm a 34 year old Quadriplegic, paralyzed in May of 1988 when I was 23 years old in a motorcycle accident. My level of injury is in the C 3-4 range, which lets me breath on my own, but I can't use my arms or legs at all. I'm typing with a mouthstick, one peck at a time.


From Anita Hammond 3/6/2000 

Hello my name is  Iím an incomplete quad. I'm writing to say new things to help handicapped people are great but we can't afford to buy them! I'm a 30 year old mother of two young girls I was in an car wreak in 1992 in 1993 I lost my husband to a heart attack I also lost my insurance along with it the day of his funeral my power wheelchair broke down with no insurance I can't buy another one without the cash for it and being a mother of two and no insurance no one will help me I do get 1,800 a month but there is no money left after I pay people to help me with my kids care so I can't get therapy I can't get my braces I can't get a power chair and I hit my mouth in the wreak my teeth are broken and bad I just haft to deal with the pain my house is not handicapped equipped so Iím a prisoner in my own home my roof leeks so in a way I wish I wouldn't have made it through the wreak.

I hate to complain but all the new things people come up with to help the Handicapped is great for those who can afford them but people like me the world just forgets about we live hell on earth! And yes Iíve tried the warfare Iíve tried everything no one cares. I hate to sound so down but its the truth. I love my kids, but I feel so alone. -Anita

True Thoughts 2 
From Anita Hammond 5/8/2000 

Hello Gary its been some time since you posted my letter and i'd like to thank you for that.  i finally read it again, and i sounded really messed up-- i'm really nothing like that. I guess i'd like a chance to explain ok. 

As you saw in the last letter I have some really bad days and as any Quad could tell you we have our days when we really wanna do some heavy bitching. I have been through a lot, but I made it sound as though my life was just all bad, but its not. I have a lot to thank god for, I have two very pretty daughters, Courtney 12 years old and Ashley 10 years old, and I also have a great guy in my life, his name is Jeff and I know he loves me very much to put up with my crap! Believe it or not i meet him through an ad in the paper. I placed the ad and got many responses but Jeff treats me like a queen and i best thank my lucky stars I have him.

I am a c3c4 Quad but I have all my feeling and I can move and even walk on a walker, that in its self is a blessing. I'm not in a nursing home and i'm able to be with my kids everyday. I don't need a nurse so I get time alone, guess life is pretty good to me.  I guess money is tight but I've made it this far somehow I know i'll make it all the way! If anyone reads this, and is having a day where it feels like the whole world has a life except them and that no one cares or could ever love them, believe me friend I know how you feel, just e-mail me i'll gladly give you and ear to bitch into. Thanks for your time, Anita                                      

Anita can be reached at home:

Headbangers Six wild characters in wheelchairs playing music! You will have to see and hear them for yourself!

The speech recognition information source

With continuous speech recognition, you can talk to your computer at natural speeds, without any special pauses or emphases and have it understand and transcribe your speech. In short, you can write with your voice. Dr. Zhangxu is a 35 year old orthopedic surgeon who incurred a C4 Spinal Cord Injury during a swimming accident on medical assignment in Yemen. He wanted to commit suicide until a friend gave him, "JONI". He was so inspired that he, with his mother's assistance, translated the book into mainland Chinese. He has inspired many disabled patients at his own hospital where he was a surgeon. Recently, he has embarked on establishing the AnShan Rehabilitation Center in northeast China.

Red Rider Studios  My name is Todd Maness. I am a handicapped artist. I use my mouth to create art. Creating art this way is more challenging, but much more rewarding.  I work mostly with nature art, country scenes, and animals of all kinds. The mediums I use include pens, watercolor, and acrylics...etc. 

Michelle Heinze I was born and raised in Sin city otherwise known as Las Vegas. I'm 22 years old & attending classes at a community college here. I'm working on becoming a psychologist, because I've always found people & the ways they think so interesting. I'd actually like to work in a mental institution someday too, because I find the "wackos" just fasinating or maybe I'm just a wacko myself! Maybe this explains my crazy life, I've probably gone through more challenging experiences than some do in a lifetime. Good experiences and bad and plenty more to come. Some of course I had no choice over and when I became a quadriplegic I was born into a whole new way of life. The accident that caused my injury was April 29, 1996 a date I will never forget.

Dean Joyce I'm a 23 year old from NY that was paralyzed in an auto crash in October '95. The main reason why I started this site is to help increase the awareness of paralysis and also help those who have become victims of paralysis, like myself... I have continued to keep a positive outlook on life and have returned to society as I was before my tragic accident. Returning to college, I not only want to pursue a career in Computer Science and find a well paying job, but I also want to make people realize that they can overcome any problems they encounter as long as they believe in themselves.  

Reesa's Nutshell "I'm quadriplegic now. My accident was on the night of Sept 25, 1994. It was caused by a drunk driver. My life will never be the same. The woman who did this to me, will spend the next 12 years in prison, but she will walk out."

Netta Ganor On November 25th, 1994, my life has completely changed. One Friday afternoon, just "out of the blue", I became totally paralyzed from the neck down within less than one hour. I just couldn't move myself. It took a lot of time for the doctors to diagnose what I have had, but finally they came up with a long name: "Transverse Myelitis (TM)"

...There is more.... Send Paralinks Quad links.................

Follow Me Outdoors Chad Waligura, a Texas A&M grad with a BS in wildlife & fisheries science and a love for the outdoors.  A C-7 quad,  that since his injury in 1986, has found a renewed faith in the quality of life in the great outdoors. "For the observant outdoorsman, there's something to be learned and admired on every trip into the woods. It's only a matter of seeing it.   Hopefully, I can bring some of my deer hunting trials to life through Follow Me Outdoors and expose them from a more physically challenging point of view." -Chad

Remote-Ability  |  Disabilityexpo  I've been a Quadriplegic (C5-6) for the past 12+ years. I created "Remote Ability" for two reasons: I never can find products or things I'm looking for in one spot and hate going through DOZENS of magazines searching for items, or spending hours on the net hunting it down.. --Mike.

Billy Radzewsky...a 27 yr. old quadriplegic  (C-5, C-6, incomplete) from a car accident in May of 95' has put together this well documented web site with an abundance of illustrations regarding Spinal Cord Injury.

Ed Sandoz...injured a in a motorcycle racing accident On July 20, 1997 that  left him paralyzed in both legs and parts of both arms. This site is maintained by his family and friends to support him in his recovery. "Everyone's situation is different, but I think that a strong group of friends and family is the most helpful thing at this time in my life. You can't worry about the things you can't change. Having your life change so quickly is hard, but you need to move on. I try to look on the brighter side of life, what can I do now? not dwelling on what I can't. Don't get me wrong I'd take back my old life in a second...." --Ed

Sitski the Adaptive Sports Website Tom Cannalonga... Born May 7 1964 Just a "normal" all American boy. On July 26 life was changed...partying with my friends at the Jersey shore; we went to the ocean to swim before driving home...I picked up the first big wave to body surf back to shore. The wave got hold of me and slammed me down head first into the beach. With a pop, a flash of light, and an electric shock through my body, I was paralyzed...I broke my neck. I am a C6-C7 incomplete quad. The months and years to follow would be a trial I would not wish on my worst enemy. But life goes on. I found a girl friend, went back to school then got a good job. Life was not all that bad in a wheelchair. However, one thing hurt, and hurt bad. Not being able to ski really pissed me off...Then I saw a mono-skier on TV. This guy was skiing, carving turns and getting air. That was it! I had to do it. I found an adaptive ski program...and started taking lessons.

Dutcher's Digs  A C5-7 quad since May 12, 1956.  I design accessible housing.  My most recent design project is an accessible lectern/podium.  The City of St. Petersburg just purchased 2 and saved $3,500 for the pair vs a non-accessible one from a manufacturer. Wally

Eddy's Web Page "Hello, my name is Eddie Castle, I currently reside in Las Cruces NM, and I am 21 years old. back in 1994, I was in a car accident which left me paralyzed from the chest down...I started school at New Mexico State University this fall..."

Eric Delisle Quadriplegic and Graduate Student School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Mark Hanaway  "The only people that are truly disabled are the ones with no imagination." This site shares a little about life, quadriplegia and insight to a wacky world. So have fun with it! "If you think you Can or you think you Can't Either way you're right!" 

John Callahan:

Our purpose of  is to educate our friends on what's hot and what's not in wheelchairs today, and to do so in a honest, hip, and witty way, much like motorcycle or car enthusiast publications.  Our page represents people who are comfortable with their disabilities and appreciate their mobility,  not to mention dig wheelchairs.  

The Wheelchair Underground 
Your Humble Host, Count Cripula