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News Flash: September 11, 1999

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Sent: Saturday, September 11, 1999 10:58 PM
Subject: QUADRIPLEGIC JAILED - mom says he will die without medical care

----DisAbility Advocacy for the Commonwealth of Virginia---- QUADRIPLEGIC JAILED - mom says he will die without medical care... Lynchburg, Virginia PRESS RELEASE 9-11-99

Their son became a quadriplegic in April 1996 when a tire blew out on his vehicle and his spine was severed. They have cared for him since then. The mother said their son is paralyzed from the chest down. He cannot use his hands. For more than three years she has catheterized her son every 4 to 6 hours to keep his kidneys from failing, as the doctor ordered.

She has helped him with a bowel program to eliminate waste every other day. Two years ago she said her son was arrested for possession of drugs which were hidden in the muffler of the motorcycle he can't use since the accident three years ago. The charge was dropped. But police charged him with having a pistol which they found in his apartment (on the top shelf of the bedroom closet) Top shelf? Quadriplegic? Wheel chair? No use of hands?

Last Sunday night (9-5-99) Lynchburg police raided the area where the quadriplegic lived and, with papers, searched his apartment. Police claim they found a small amount of marijuana in a candle, the mother continued. Monday morning (9-6-99) police came to take their son to jail but had to retreat and have the quadriplegic taken to jail in an ambulance because of his extreme disability.

The mother visited the jail every few hours to continue the long-standing doctors orders which directed catherization every 4 to 6 hours to maintain kidney function.

The jail cell was too small for the mother to relieve her son's bowels. The last time she drained his bladder was Thursday night at 11PM (9-9-99). She requested the police take her son to a hospital for needed medical care for his extreme medical condition.

After phone calls nearly every hour Friday (9-10-99) and each time being told by Lynchburg police they were taking her son to the hospital, she said she received a call from police about 6pm stating police had transported her son to Virginia Department of Corrections.

She doesn't know where because police claim "security" as the reason for secrecy (of this quadriplegic's location). Without immediate medical care the mother expects her son to die in the next day or two because he cannot remove the waste from his body without specialized help.

The mother said she expected his kidneys to shut-down very soon. He experiences extreme headaches when not properly cared for.

Ricky and Pat Theodore are pleading for help from anyone to help save their son from almost certain death if he doesn't get proper and IMMEDIATE medical attention.

Like past history in Virginia, will the government claim sovereign immunity as defense if their action kills their "ward?" Or will the government use the First Article of the United States Constitution to prove that this 25-year-old quadriplegic isn't even a citizen but rather 3/5 of a person. Odds are the government of Virginia will use sovereign immunity!

Released by Jack Mills, President, Bedford SCLC, at the request and plea of Ricky and Pat Theodore (father and mother). Phone (804)239-6696 or (804) 239-6647 or cell phone (804) 665-7916 or email:


I am asking for help from media to keep this man alive in spite of the governments cruel and inhumane treatment of this disabled person.

Jack Mills
1400 Irving Road Thaxton, Virginia 24174
(540) 586-6654

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