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Farms and gardens for the handicapped
Marshall Loskot

Marshall has been ILSNC Board President for two sessions. He is also the owner/operator of Herb Blossom Express, a demonstration farm for the disabled community. Marshall is the  Board President for Farms and Gardens for the Disabled, an organization seeking grants to install gardens at the homes of disabled people certified union chef with a degree in business and culinary arts. Marshall is a Quadriplegic.

We believe the only way to achieve true independence is through parity in the work place. Our mission is two fold: First to provide a means to achieve independents for the physically impaired through improved instrumentality or equipment design, Second is to work towards changes is our government practices which will allow for individuals to reach a higher level of independence.  We design our devices to easily increase the productivity any individual.

Completed Devices
(Devices and information freely available to the physically challenged.)

1. Paraplegic accessible, retrofit, lift kit for 4X4 Ford Tractors.
2. Full size handicapped accessible farm gates.

Devices Currently in Development

1. Paraplegic accessible garlic peeling machine paraplegic accessible manufacturing devices for
2. Herb blossom express production line raised agricultural production beds.
3. individual tool platform device for wheelchair users.
4. Paraplegic accessible garlic clove separator for gourmet garlic.
5. Wheelchair accessible articulating farm tractor
6. Wheelchair accessible traveling fruit tree pruning / harvesting tower.
7. Paraplegic operable commercial dump truck
8. Cost effective, wheelchair lift to access to farm buildings.
9. Wheelchair accessible adjustable height workstations

We are seeking sponsorship for devices we are currently in development.  If you, or your organization would like to assistance with any of these worthwhile devices. If you have needed to develop a tool to be able earn money or make your life easier, please contact me at  We enjoy working to solve accessibility problems faced by the physically challenged.

We would like to thank all of you for our growing successes.  This success is substantially due to the support provided by you, our satisfied customers.  So please keep spreading the word about Herb Blossom Express Gourmet Herb Seasoning Blends to friends and relatives.  The sale of our seasoning blends funds a good portion of these worthwhile, and enabling projects. 

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