Madonna Long, a Mom & Paraplegic, has created Paramom a Web Site for Moms who use wheelchairs. 

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My name is Heidi Bryand, I was in a car accident 9-22-96 I am a T-12 partial para. I am now 28 years old. It has been four short years, it seems that the time fly’s bye. I have one daughter Taylor she is 22 months, I have been able to successfully take her places with her on my lap, she has done very well with this, but now I am four months pregnant, and am having a little more trouble figuring out how I will be able to bring both children out with me, I am looking for some suggestions, on when you have more than one child. Maybe someone has some helpful suggestions.

From Kathleen—“I am a paraplegic as a result of an automobile accident at age 19 in September 1969… I have yet to feel that I have a handicap.    My husband and I have been married since August 1968 - we celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary last year. We have 7 children ranging in age from 29 down to 14.  They were all natural born births, with no complications whatsoever.  From day one home with our first born, until now with 3 still at home I have raised our children with no extra help - it just took some creative adapting.  They were my daily physical therapy when I was younger.  (Listen to me, sounding old, oh well - that must be someone else’s salt and pepper hair in the mirror.)

When our youngest went into first grade I started college, and 6 1/4 years later in December 1998, completed a Bachelors in Human Service Administration from Siena Heights University.  With this degree I work 2 days a week at our local Community College in Support Services.

I am the same person today that I was five minutes before that tire blew on our 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne, on a hot day in Wyoming, only older and wiser.  But the old adage: “the more I know - the more I realize how much I don’t know” continues to humble me. Email Kathleen: 

Thanks for a great web site!!   Keep me on you’re list! I am a T5 paraplegic female since 1991 with 3 kiddos and need all the help I can get. It doesn’t always come from home…Peace!!  From: “Kelley Glick” Date:  April 10 2000

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999
Subject: mothering, birth, family, life in general in my wheel chair.

Hey I really like the web site. In 1981 while descending down a mountain in Utah from the Alta slopes our school bus lost its brakes. A few weeks before that my life was great, I was the homecoming queen of a small school in Wyoming, a track and field athlete, my friend Julie and I were planning our college life, then WAM. I am a T5 para, and Julie died sitting next to me.

Well, if you would have told me the day before, “Madonna,” yes it is my name and I am blonde. “Madonna, you are going to be confined to a wheel chair tomorrow and your best friend will die next to you.” I would have said, “Shoot me, I would not handle it.” Well, I have and I did.

It has been 18 years since that day of 12-6-81 and I have done more with my life in this chair then I would have walking. I married Jeff Long 2-14-88. Then proceeded to have a family. Tyler Long 12 years old, Josh Long 10, Julie Long 3, Tanner Long 5 months old , all normal births and good pregnancies. Tyler is an artist and gymnastics, bowing leagues, baseball and football. Joshua plays football, baseball, bowling league and loves Nintendo. Julie, who was born two days shy of my best friend Julie’s birthday who died in the bus accident carries her name. Tanner is just now inching his way around.

Wondering how I do it. You would not be alone, the people at the supermarket where I shop are always amazed, although they seldom see Jeff, because his job has never kept him close, he is always up a tower somewhere in the desert or on a building top, he is a Forman of a telecommunications crew. I have almost always been a single Mom. Since I only have limited sensation and limited movement below my waist. Labor is a piece of cake. I only feel pressure a little pain, my sister hates that one. I take care of the house and our children, I have no help. I shop, DR visits, athletic practices all with me and the kids. But I love my life. I hope others do to. -Madonna Long Paramom

Cindy Fowler in Massachusetts, has been a paraplegic for 30 years and has had two pregnancies. She is available at any time to answer any questions regarding her experiences in this area. E-mail Cindy for information.

“My boys are 27 & 22. I am 51. We were in a car accident 5 weeks after we were married in l967, I was 21. Of course this was long before ADA, when nothing was accessible. I am happy to say “I am a survivor”. My husband & I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last July-he’s a survivor, too! Within the last 4 years. I have had to have both of my legs (below the knee) amputated because of lack of circulation. I guess when the kids were young they kept me young also. I also served 9 years. on our local school committee. I am now the Handicap Coordinator & ADA Chairman for our small town in Massachusetts. I am also a member of our local Lions Club. I surely will keep on rolling. “Cindy can be reached