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Some Thoughts on Christopher Reeves and Hope
By  Pointea

            If there is one thing this planet needs, it is HOPE! While it is the belief of many that Christopher Reeves should do more to focus on disability issues of the current age, he is in a unique position, due to his past achievements of acting (most notably Superman) to have a strong influence on both the mass populace and those with power and influence making way the vision for the next age. What kind of vision is conjured when seeing the mighty Superman reduced to life in a chair but at the same time emanating a generous heart and inspiration? A REAL Superman.

             I can clearly remember a few months after my accident and paralysis sitting in the sedate rehab lounge eating breakfast when suddenly they brought on Christopher Reeves. It was one of the first public appearances the actor had made since his accident. My heart skipped a beat, not because of his acting talent, but because he was in the same jam as myself, and he was smiling; hence, life could be good again!

            Christopher Reeves is searching for a cure to this disability, as well as others, and symbolizes its realization. But I pose these a race and as a planet, have we earned the knowledge for a cure for spinal cord disability, or in fact, for any of the many disabilities found on the planet? A planet where children are killing themselves in schools, and corporations pollute the world to the brink of extinction - for the common goal of capitalism (money). A planet, once it discovered how to split an atom, first showed off this accomplishment by the slaughter of thousands of Japanese in Hiroshima. Can mechanistic science cure all of man's problems? 

            Most definitely not, but science is a vital link in the chain. What about some of these new revolutions in science, like the embryonic stem cell research Christopher Reeves is promulgating? 

            In Dr. Robert O. Becker's book, "Cross Currents - The Perils of Electropollution - The Promise of Electromedicine" Dr. Becker states that, "The idea of an energy medicine that postulates a common basis for all of these disciplines (acupuncture, hypnosis, homeopathy, visualization, psychic healing, and electrotherapy)  has arisen lately because of new discoveries in biology that cast serious doubt on strictly mechanistic concepts of life and seem to reintroduce the old idea of a body energy. These discoveries are not 'vitalistic' in the sense that they prove or even hint at some mysterious, unknowable life force. Rather, they reveal the presence of electrical and magnetic forces at the most basic levels within living organisms. These discoveries, which are the basis for a new scientific revolution, are rapidly changing what we believe about the way living things work." 

            Our bodies are composed of living cells, and within those cells are atoms and even sub-atomic particles that comprise the atom. These are governed by the aforementioned electrical and magnetic forces. Gravity is an influence on life. The laws of chemistry another, as well as certain known physiological responses. Another powerful untapped influence is also causing a revolution in all areas and can manipulate the power and control of electric and magnetic current forces and their inter-associated energies. Which leads to my next question, can a relationship with the First Source and Center (God) create an electric or magnetic force through prayer/meditation within the human body? Can mind dominate matter? Would this kind of influencing of our particle reality be a powerful tool in all human endeavors? 

            Try this science experiment via the internet to help prove this energy/body theory. Download the MP3 files 1)Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" (I might note a very popular song to which many growing children in western society are growing up with - could this kind of kinetic energy be part of the tragedy at Columbine?) and then download 2)Enya's "Orinico Flow." Listen to both of these songs; note the effects on your psyche. This is the emerging reality and new science. One is designed for violence and the other for peace, but they are both energy/magnetic forces. You decide which is for which. 

            Here in the Starseed and Urantian Schools of Melchizedek we are learning that our personal relationship with our Creator can create healing within our electric/physical bodies, making many forms of healing viable. The specific type would depend on the individual personality. Some types of healing would work for one person where it would not work for another. How these factors would all work out would be a book in itself, but to state it simply it will be on an individual basis. We are learning that life is directly affected by our relationship with God (being within His perfect will), our relationship with fellow human beings, and our ascension from flesh-and-blood mortals with a spark of spirit to perfected spirit beings through many lives on many worlds, each a step closer to God. This ascension is not so much forward in the physical sense through the planets of time and space, although this is literally true, but an inner voyage of God-discovery and self-mastery.

             We are also learning of the real living spiritual forces on the planet. Angels and other celestial beings that can aid in recovery if we decide to ask their assistance and integrate them in our lives. We are discovering through personal experience how to utilize and ask for help in our healings and life endeavors with marked improvement in our results. Can they help direct the currents of positive and negative energy within the human body?

             So then, what about human embryonic stem cells—the study that Christopher Reeves is currently devoted to—and their potential to regenerate the human spine and cure other afflictions? I'm all for it. I think that science stands on the brink of many great actualizations. But the Source of all science is also the Source of spirit—that unmeasurable reality scientists can only get glimpses of. Spirit reality is not yet measurable but undeniably real, just as love is. We need to give credit where credit is due. We must acknowledge the Source of healing as well as the scientist of healing. We must take into consideration the scientist's individual relationship with God, for his energy reality will dictate the results he will get. We must take into consideration the recipients of treatments and their relationship with God. Could that improve results of all kinds of operations? Isn't all life precious?

             Mainstream medicine/science needs to embrace spirituality as a source and aid to healing, as alternative medicine does. While giving hope to pluriopotent cells (capable of transforming into other cell types), why not also embrace spirituality which promises not only life, but life everlasting! This world is a school, and we have not learned all that God has in the curriculum—wisdom, insight, compassion, truth, brother/sisterhood, altruism, peace, even admonishment of sin, all crowned with worship of the First Source and Center. While we have achieved "success" in technological advancement, we are steadily declining into a spiritually dark age. We can make a pretty package of something that can eventually be our demise. We need both the yin (material/science) and the yang (spiritual/religious) mediated through the mind to graduate with our diplomas of fusion between mind and heart. Let us acknowledge the Source of Life and integrate Him into our lives and into everything we do. This is what gives us true hope.

             We don't have all the answers. But what we do have are intriguing and fascinating questions that are creating the next age of humanity on the planet, an age termed light and life. What steps can you take to start on this path of coming to know and then working with these living spiritual forces? The first step is reading The URANTIA Book. The next are a series of books called The Cosmic Family volumes. My challenge to you is to read them and decide for yourself if this truly will be the next age of the planet.   - Pointea

Reproduced in Paralinks with the expressed consent and approval of  the author.

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