Wheelchair Dance
Petra Kuppers

Now, I know that there are still some people out there who just can't connect these two concepts, and these people aren't just so called 'able bodied' ones.

If you are a wheelchair user, like me, and interested in moving those hot wheels, just get down to a local dance floor (check out that it is accessible - but don't take a no for an answer -sometimes they just try to get away without the 'embarrassment' presumably caused by our lot.). Don't go too late in the evening, or everything is choc-a-bloc. If you get there about 8.30 or 9.00 p.m. (depending on the venue), on a Friday or Saturday night, the dance floor should be quite empty. Better take some mates with you - you'll feel less self-conscious.


I remember how it took me quite a long while to get back into dancing once I got my wheelie - everything seemed so awkward. I was very clumsy with it, as well. But after a few private parties I felt fine about taking my wheels for a waltz. You can either do the Damon Hill - race about the floor in rhythm with the music, going for tight eights or spirals, or do a double. It works both with another wheelchair user or an able bodied friend: just swing each other around. You do not need a lot of strength or any special co-ordination skills - just do what feels good. Once the dance floor fills up, you'll probably find it easier to more or less sit in one spot and use your arms, hands, face or upper body to swing along. It is easy to dance - no-one has a right to tell you what you can't do.

You can connect to music , just as everyone else does. If you still feel self-conscious, look at some of the guys and gals on the floor for a while - they might be able bodied (some of them), but that doesn't mean that they are any more graceful than you.

If you want to to know about my version of "disability dance" you are at the right place. If you are looking for 'suffering' dearies or hero tales, go away and check out some weepy pages.

Enjoy yourself!


Cripps Dance!

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