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newPacific Crest Aviation  Jamie Gallagher; owner of Pacific Crest Aviation, Inc. located in Big Bear & Murrieta CA. They are a flight school that trains disabled people to become pilots. Their full time flight instructor is a wheelchair pilot. Their airplane is a Piper Cherokee 180 fitted with hand controls for training.    909-585-9663.

newFINALLY! Blowing the Whistle on Parking Violators! Their goal is to catch those who use a handicapped placard illegitimately.

newThe Standing Spirit Project; In 2003 an amazing journey of ability, friendship and spirit took root and the Standing Spirit Project was born. It is the first time that anyone with a significant physical disability has hiked the rugged and pristine West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.

new Hot Air Balloon Pilot Michael Glen: "there are many opportunities no matter what your situation is. I have had some hard times and no matter what has occurred I have pushed through those obstacles, they have made me a stronger person. After my accident I started looking into the possibility becoming a hot air balloon pilot. I met several obstacles and worked with the FAA officials to become the first known paraplegic balloon pilot.

Independence through Technology Welcome to C4Q, the site dedicated to providing computers for people who are physically disabled and need a helping hand and so much more.

Computers4Quads is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities remain productive and connected to the world around them. At Computers4Quads, we believe that technology is the key to help happen.

Wheelchair Driver: John Burgerman This a must see site if you have any and I mean any questions looking for that Right Van or Wheelchair! . T4 paraplegic has done a remarkable job getting this much information on accessible vans & equipment. I've been in a wheelchair for over 25 years yet I'm spending a lot of time on John's sites finding several items and answers to some important to me questions. -Gary

Young and ruthless Reggie is a professional wheelchair bodybuilder paraplegic and executive director of his own fitness organization. Learn about what happened to him and what he has done to turn his life around as well as what he does to help others!

!The PAIN Exhibit is an educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain with their art expressing some facet of the pain   experience. The mission of the PAIN Exhibit is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art; and to give voice to the many who suffer in abject silence.

Rollingpix is dedicated to showcasing the lives and accomplishments of wheelchair adventurers. Ralph L. Raymond IV, a C-6 Quadriplegic started Rollingpix to show people both in, and out of chairs what is possible in sports, and life, when you want it bad enough. Sports photographs and commentary is Ralph's forte.

Paraplegic putting on hang-gliding show Dan Buchanan lost the use of his legs in a hang-glider accident 26 years ago. Stormy weather that day caused the hang glider to hit him on the head, giving him a compression fracture. Saturday, July 7, 2007  

Golden Horseshoe Marathon Since the year 1999, the Golden Horseshoe Marathon has raised funds to support various organizations such as McMaster University, the Canadian Paraplegic Association and the Hamilton Resource Centre. This year's goal is to raise $500,000 for spinal cord regeneration research at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.

Paraplegic rides to Ironman By John Meyer Tricia Downing risks further damage to her body to train for competitions

2007 Independence Cup/North American Challenge Cup, a regatta for disabled sailors held in Chicago. The event will take place August 3-7, 2007 at the Chicago Yacht Club  www.chicagoyachtclub.org - Disabled Sailing Committee

Musicians Who Happen 2 B dis-Abled: The Healing Powers of Music & Rhythm: a unique directory of musicians who happen 2 B dis-Abled. Over 30 listings of individuals and organizations.

Letters from the Edge  J. Michael Kanouff's new book "Letters from the Edge is a gift to the world, not just those who live in the world of disability. With eloquence and a sharp sense of humor, he takes the reader on a journey from despair to inner peace. This is a book to be treasured for its wisdom, given to us by a man who truly understands what it means to be alive." - Christopher Reeve


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North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. Establishes Horses for Heroes

Crip College Enroll now!  They have a very active message board!
Christian Bagg is in the process of designing a new wheelchair! Christian is a machinist, by trade, and came up with an awesome design for a wheelchair and wheelchair wheels. Christian and the design team at Stryker Canada have been working on the production for the past 2 years, the chair will be available this August; rear wheels available now. See the Stryker Sorano Web site.

Candi, your feisty paraplegic model. "Check out my site, there are movies, photos and a whole lot more! check out a sexy paraplegic who does NO nasty stuff... " Give Paralinks your take on Candi."

Wheelchair Accessible Home For Sale - RENO NEVADA

Working 2 Walk 2007. Working 2 Walk 2007 is to be held in Washington, DC April 22-24. Our focus this year is on promoting a clinical trial network in North America. Our goal is to educate and create an environment for scientists and advocates, to brainstorm for ways to bring this to fruition.

The Dream Society was formed by people with disabilities to help people with disabilities to have the chance to get what they need to to achieve their dreams of independence. 

Gloves for Life Unique custom Gloves for Quadriplegics.  www.glovesforlife.com While we don't ordinarily place this type of an ad, this link is an exception. This glove was developed by a mother of a quad who needed a specifically designed glove. I recently began using a pair of these gloves and found that they are perfect for me as a paraplegic who recently had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on both hands, both palms are tender and painful and will be for a while. These gloves allow me to do things that I could not do without them. They offer total protection to the palms of my hands yet give complete movement of my fingers and thumbs. I'll use these gloves as my only indoor glove from now on. -Gary

Why on earth would anyone want to go to Ethiopia?  Especially in a wheelchair? By Gordon Rattray That's a question Ive heard often enough, and probably one you are asking now  Images of starvation, flies and dust crossing your mind?  It's true, Africa's tenth largest country has some major problems, but Ethiopia is also stunningly beautiful, with green mountains, vast lakes and wild rivers.  Its the most fertile land in East Africa, and easily the friendliest country I've visited.

New, innovative designs by Quadriplegic Engineer, Mark Felling, for wheelchair users with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, and other disabilities. The "Comfort Carrier" Travel, Recreation, & Evacuation Transfer Sling makes air travel, cruises, hotels, boating, camping, hunting, or even horseback riding not only possible but assisted transfers easier and more comfortable.  The Mobile Power Kit allows electronics to be plugged into your wheelchair batteries such as a laptop, adaptive communication devices, and providing methods of emergency recharging.  The iTalk Voice Controlled Cell Phone System allows people with limited use of their hands or arms to use a cell phone to place and answer calls with complete independence anywhere, anytime!

Ideas, designs, and equipment for building a handicapped accessible bathrooms Article by David Peterson

www.markfelling.com   I became a quad on 07.02.03 when forced crash landed my experimental homebuilt airplane when the engine died after takeoff. Check out Mark's Blog?! you can leave your own opinions and comments!

Accessible Canadian Adventures Wylie Harvey;  I am a T12 Para since 1995.  Myself and a friend of mine have set up a company  that designs, coordinates and arranges hunting and fishing adventures in Canada specifically for sportsmen and women with physical disabilities.  Our website will give further detail if you would be so kind as to take the time to look it over.  www.acadventures.ca

Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for the Disabled has grown from an innovative idea to a thriving non-profit organization that offers independence and hope to individuals with severe disabilities across the country.

Shake-a-Leg To help individuals with neurological disabilities to move from feeling "victimized" and broken to being proactive, healed, whole and worthy of a fulfilling life.  This program's basic focus is on developing human potential.

Discussion Forum Disability Travel Worldwide and Wheelchair Accessible African Safaris A new service from Gordon Rattray If you are getting ready to travel or have tips for other wheelchair travelers checkout this forum.

A Celebration Of Wheels  

Paramoms  Web Site for all Paralyzed Moms or Moms confined to the use of a wheelchair. This site offers both Expectant & Experienced Moms sources of information that any mom with wheels may need. Madonna Long 

Future Link  The future of music for folks who are disabled in any way is not what it used to be. Modern technology has advanced in instrument design computer hardware and software to make making music accessible to disabled musicians singers song writers and software

QuadAntics  Robert Allen Rieck Jr. a C-5 quadriplegic tells us; "I have personally never offended an individual with a disability before--nor am I trying. My humor might be in the gray area, but others with disabilities and Walkies alike know I have an awesome attitude, love life, and just laugh about everything it throws my way. Sincere life-enjoyment mixed with humor makes people excel, and for me is a panacea."

Parentsonwheels  Priscilla Hedlin - a Paraplegic and new mom, has recently set up this web site. Check it out.

Beauty Ability  Shares what myself and others have discovered from this crazy disabled journey. Tiffiny Carlson

Life Rolls On  Jesse's Message: Enjoy today, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life Rolls On is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to increasing awareness about spinal cord injuries within youth culture via influential action sports athletes.

NoPityShirts  Ricky Buchanan sells disability-related and motivational gear, primarily T-shirts... a powerchair user, disabled with a genetic condition known as EDS and also with severe ME and Fibromyalgia. 

Homes for Our Troops  Founder and president John S. Gonsalves told Armed Forces Press Services that he decided to use his more than 20 years of expertise in the construction business and knowledge of the Americans with Disability Act to work with an organization that builds specially adaptive homes for disabled veterans. But found to his disappointment, there was no such...

Whirlwind Wheelchair International  Works to make it possible for every person in the developing world who needs a wheelchair to obtain one that will lead to maximum personal independence and integration into society.

The Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association  Non-profit org. promotes... organizes wheelchair sports... largest sanctioned Regional Sports Group of the N.W.A.A. includes the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Aging with Spinal Cord Injury  Until very recently, there has been little research particularly designed to study aging in people with spinal cord injuries.

BENT  A Journal of CripGay voices: Bob Guter a bilateral amputee since the age of six as the result of multiple birth defects lives in San Francisco where he publishes and edits BENT.

Jill Kinmont Boothe?  Over the years we have received emails asking if we knew where Jill was; we now know.

Video: Molly and Jeramy "Relationships, Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury." This new video is an excellent resource for rehab centers, patient education, nursing and medical schools. This is what the label says. We viewed it last night and highly recommend it for married couples who have had the unfortunate fate of one of them suffering a spinal cord injury. The film takes an intimate and honest look into one couples life after the woman is paralyzed as the result of an auto accident. This film shows that there is married life after SCI! There really is hope. If you know of a couple in this situation please get this video! --Gary Order from Aquarius Health Care Videos (or http://www.aquariusproductions.com)



Magazines & Radio & Books

ouch!... it's a disability thing
A great sort of a real grassroots newspaper, lots of information people editorials dis-Abled writers music cartoons and more

Disability Nation an Audio Magazine by and for People with Disabilities
Scouring the Globe for a Cure: A Disabled Man's Experiences with Stem Cell Treatment. We can say with certainty that if your or a loved one is thinking about or planning a trip to other countries for a cure; you must read this book.
e mails from the edge... Sixteen years ago, Australian journalist Ken Haley was working at a local newspaper in Bahrain when his own world caved in....he survived, even though the cost of jumping out a window was that he is now a paraplegic. Page up-dated 02.22.07
Letters from the Edge  J. Michael Kanouff's new book "Letters from the Edge is a gift to the world, not just those who live in the world of disability. With eloquence and a sharp sense of humor, he takes the reader on a journey from despair to inner peace. This is a book to be treasured for its wisdom, given to us by a man who truly understands what it means to be alive." - Christopher Reeve