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'Wheelchair Stunt-man'

04/11/02 Gary Schooley from Paralinks recently caught Trevair Snowdog during a break in his wild life. Catching him while he was on the ground, Gary took this opportunity to interview the 'Wheelchair Stunt-man'. If you have not heard of Trevair yet, I am sure that you will. 

Gary: Who is 'Trevair Snowdog'?

Trevair: 'Trevair' is the character that jumps crippled or not. 'Snowdog' is the charioteer. My friends Niggi Nate and Ron 'o Neil came up these probably because I live in the snow and I'm a dog I guess. Props to Easy St. Production.

Gary: Where are you located?

Trevair: I live in South Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada state line.

Gary: About the accident that changed your life. I remember reading that you were competing in a snowboard competition. I remembered this because my own accident happened in that same general area of Washington. I read an interview with you about that time in your life. Tell us about that event, and how old you were.

Trevair: It was in 1997 Easter Weekend, I was 27.  During a practice run for a  'Big Air' contest I over shot the landing and broke my spine in one place t-12.  I was doing a backside 360, and when I looked around, I knew I was too big. To high and to far out. I thought about skidding on my side but my mind decided to stick it - to land on my feet. I hit and all I remember is hearing my bones rattle inside my flesh. I ate the Easter bunny. Ha ha ha.

Gary: I have heard that Big Air events like this have been banned following snowboarding accidents?

Trevair: No, it's still going strong and should be. No one pushed me off the jump. It's nobody's fault what happened to me. It's not even my fault, @%it happens to the best of us. We just need to keep the progression alive, and stop these frivolous lawsuits. It's about positive change not negative blame.

Gary:  You have said that the accident has made you more spiritual by forcing you to understand that there are more important things in life than snowboarding. In an interview you are quoted as saying: "Yes God has a plan for everyone, do you want to follow it or not? I didn't before. But now I can, because I have seen a glimpse of light. Do to others as you would do to yourself."

Trevair: I had everything. I was fully sponsored by Fila Wear, flow bindings. I was finally getting a regular paycheck. MTV was filming the Tour and I was finally ready to really break out into the sport. Then it was all taken away. One reason I adjusted so quickly is that I was unhappy with my life. I was unhappy because of the road I took to get to where I was, lies, cheating, hurting loved ones and friends. You know, a punk ass with no cause.

I had all those great things but I was still kinda bummed, life just sucked. When it was all taken away, it was refreshing to know that I had a new beginning. I was wrapped up in snowboarding because that's all I had. So get out there and do as much as possible before your end! 'Cause the ends gonna come one way or another!

Gary: And now you are jumping over Cadillac's! Tell us about this. Ed note: We lost photo of Trevair jumping over Cadillacs but found this one of him jumping over a pond.

Trevair: Well after healing and a couple of crashes, I realized I could very well change the worlds perspective on people with disabilities; (like he's done) meaning people assume you wont be active. I won't stop. And with technology and Gods strength all things are possible, so I decided to jump two Cadillac's to open eyes! And to show that I can be on the same level or even greater than I was before. Now I want to jump all over the world so everyone has a chance to see Trevair: Coming to a country near you. Sponsors will be pumped as well as the crowds to see something like they have never seen in this life time. 'The Wheelchair Stunt-Man'. I'm still independent as far as extreme is concerned. I consider myself Hardcore any way..........

Gary: Do I dare ask what else is going on in your life now, five years after you ate the Easter bunny?

Trevair: What's going on is a bunch of stuff more than ever. I'm designing my signature bike Trevair with bike designer Jan Karpiel. I've been riding in the super pipes at my local resort this winter, Sierra @ Tahoe Ski Resort.  We are getting ready for the website.  It will have info on it like products up and coming races, even a spine research benefit for snowboarders, and more. We are also getting ready for the Trevair 4x4 Mountain Bike Camp where folks can learn the basics of riding. Paralyzed elderly young not paralyzed it doesn't matter we want to teach everyone. 

In July I'll be filming with Ripley's believe it or not for a world record jump in a wheelchair 60ft. ramp to ramp. By next Christmas you'll be able to get a Trevair action figure and 4x4 bike. I race the Norba 2002 national series to promote sponsors and the Trevair world jump tour. I'll be filming with Freeride Entertainment for Disorder #3 and will be coming out with the Trevair 2 video "The Wheelchair Stunt-man" a 16mm documentary. Soo much to do sooo little time.

Gary: Where is Trevair coming from?

Trevair: I'm on a mission from God to bring opportunity to all who will be next.........battling the devil trying to end progression and saying, "that it will never happen." That's deep huh! But very much the truth....

Gary: You have been playing the guitar, what's the latest with that?

Trevair: Well I have put that down for a while and have picked up remixing dj style. I'm working with a female vocalist who is going to be the next big diva. I do the back up rapping and help write lyrics.

Gary: What a ride! This here 64 year young Paraplegic, interviewing, listening to, and watching what this wild 32 year old paraplegic is doing with his life, is exciting, hardcore, and tiring! I'll read the book when it comes out thank you! Trevair can do the stunts.

Trevair's sponsors include: Sun Rims, Maxxis Tires, Fox Shoxs, Hayes disc brakes, Cutting Edge Sports, Flow Bindings, Sierra@Tahoe Ski Resort, Sram, Kore, ODI, 4-leaf entertainment, and who ever else wants to sponsor me!

e-mail Trevair: or write to: PO Box 17404 South Lake Tahoe ca.96151

"Hope to hear from you all" Trev-air