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I was born on July 27, 1975 to Steve and Carol Haworth in the San Joaquin Valley of California in the shadow of the mighty Sierra Nevadas. My older sister, Christy, was three years my elder while my younger brother Darren is two years younger. Childhood was normal suburban life in Visalia, California, whatever that is. My "awakening" began at the age of fifteen on my way to Maui for a family vacation. Whitley Strieber's "Communion" was my flight companion and this was the beginning of a consciousness of other realities and life forms. If my memory serves me, I believe Whitley recalls small beings with concentric circle breastplates enter his bedroom at night. Later that year as a freshman in high school I fell in love with a young lady and began a yearlong relationship. I mention this as another awakening to loving someone greater than you love yourself. I believe this to be my first connection with the living God and His ministry of love throughout the universe. I believe these experiences to be the seeds planted in my heart and mind to begin my path finding my way within the will of the Father.
Later in high school, I found myself in the throws of the proverbial California drug scene and the next thing I knew I was living in the streets of LA and San Francisco as a runaway. This only lasted a short time but was a profound experience nonetheless. I returned home with an expanded understanding of life on the streets, faith, and what is important to people.  
After returning home, I went to the central coast of California where our family has a summer house located next to my father's cousin's house. It was a beautiful, glorious day and both houses are situated on the coastline of Morro Bay, California. We went to visit my father's cousin and as they were talking I walked to his table where a big blue book was opened about halfway through the book. The seagullsí call could be heard in the background as I read a paragraph, which I believe, had something to do with Adam and Eve. Just the way the sentences were constructed and paragraph developed made my jaw drop. "What is this?" I questioned, "Oh, you have to see this. My friend just dropped this by and it's called The URANTIA Book," my father's cousin responded. "Read the table of contents..." Well, the rest is history...
Finishing my senior year in high school was a miracle. I had developed a nasty taste for methamphetamine, which I barely survived. College didn't work out and before long my addictions got the better of me and I woke up in the hospital with a broken back, paralyzed from the waist down from a motorcycle accident. That's when I really prayed to the Father. I was at my witsí end.
I think becoming paralyzed is as close to getting a new body, in this life, as you can get. You have to learn how to do everything again, from going to the bathroom to getting dressed, not to mention all the new, interesting social situations that occur; myself already being somewhat shy and withdrawn. I, again, got first hand experience on what is important in life being very disappointed in myself and then the Light began to shine.
Feeling inspired by the call of destiny, I was led to the deserts of Arizona and to The Starseed and Urantia Schools of Melchizedek where I spent the next 7 years of my life studying The URANTIA Book and continuing papers, as well as a host of other related beliefs. I was also obtaining the vision of my destiny and honing the skills to actualize it. Then, in May 2003, while attending my brotherís graduation in McMinneville, Oregon, I decided not to return to Aquarian Concepts Community in the hopes of offering my services to a greater world community. Thus was the birth of Reality-Ize...  -Jeff

Special thanks to my good friend, Heidi Larsen, for helping get this page up and edited :)

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