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Last Updated Thu, 02 Jan 2003 19:39:38

Michael stayed in the van, running the engine sparingly to stay warm. Brady said he decided to use only a little gas at a time because he wasn't sure how long he would remain there. He also huddled with his two dogs, Koko and Willie, who helped him stay warm. There was no water, and only a few candies to eat.

"For about 36 hours I was all by myself," he recalled Thursday. And then he heard his name on the radio, and knew that search teams were looking for him. Brady decided to try to go for help late Tuesday morning even though it meant struggling out of the snow-covered ditch in his wheelchair.

"I came to some drifts that were pretty tough," Brady told CBC News. "If you've ever tried to wheel a wheelchair on a flat road it's pretty tough, but I had to wheel it through the snowdrifts and I couldn't get my chair to go through the snowdrifts. So, I jumped out of my chair and dragged it across the snow."

A few hours after setting out from his van, he was rescued by a farmer who had spotted the deserted van and the wheelchair tracks in the snow. Brady had travelled about one kilometre.

"Am I glad to see you," he told the stranger. "I don't know if I said it as much as I cried it."

Michael Brady with dogs Koko and Willie

Recounting his close call on Thursday, Brady said he's learned a few things. One is to be better prepared when travelling in the winter. In the future, he plans to carry food, water, blankets and a cellphone.

The other is to stay in touch with old friends. On New Year's Day, Brady phoned several acquaintances he hadn't spoken to in years. "I don't know if I'm the luckiest man in the world. But I'm happy to be here."

Paraplegic survives two days trapped in ditch Written by CBC News News Saskatchewan Online staff  

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