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Life Enhancement Coaching…with Scott Chesney 

First and foremost friends, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all the words of praise and honesty you continue to express in your letters.  We are all coaches of some kind in our daily lives and I continue to learn more about myself and others through your interesting letters and e-mails.  Please keep them coming!! 

Over the past six months, I have seen a common theme among the letters that I received from comrades with disabilities.  There appears to be a much deeper level of thinking and feeling unfolding, as people are seeking more answers to their physical conditions.  Many people have also begun to explore alternative routes and acknowledge our bodies’ innate healing abilities.  Having researched over 70 complementary/alternative forms of medicine around the world, I wholeheartedly agree that the healing capacity of humans is unlimited.  Just as I see the role of conventional medicine as being a type of facilitation for stabilizing and curing, I also believe that complementary/alternative medicine can facilitate better health.  In the acute phases of illness and disease, conventional medicine is the top choice and has proven to be the most effective way of treating patients.  On the other hand, complementary medicine has witnessed just as much success, if not more than conventional medicine, in chronic cases.  In other words, people who are the beginning stages are likely to respond better to conventional treatments (surgery, antibiotics, etc.), while people who have experienced illness or disease for months or even years have seen extraordinary results from complementary medicines (acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, etc.). 

So then, I ask you, do you want to be healed or do you want to be cured?  You may ask, “What is the difference?”  It is a fact that given the expansion of technology and resources, “cures” are being discovered almost daily for various types of illnesses and diseases.  Millions of people worldwide are being relieved of their physical and to a degree, their emotional discomfort as the result of many breakthroughs by science.  I do not argue this fact.  What I question is whether or not people are being healed?  Curing repairs the body and possibly the mind, emotional state, and spirit.  Healing is the self-realization that the spirit is and has always been whole, complete, and healthy.  With this “re-discovery,” the mind and body are ready to be healed.  Much of this re-discovery work is done on the emotional level and requires much courage, patience, surrender, and most of all, acceptance. 

It is my belief, as well as that of many others in this world, that curing can repair the body, but it does not guarantee healing.  Therefore, one who becomes ill or is affected by disease must address his or her reasoning for creating the situation.  Now some of you are going to be shocked by that belief.  You may be saying, “There is nothing I did to deserve this terrible tragedy or why would I create so much pain in my life?”  Before you send me any bombs or missiles, please be open to what I am about to say.  You have nothing to lose by reading this and have a choice to either agree with me or disagree.  This is a very important question.  If we have the ability and capacity as human beings to heal ourselves of illness and disease, could it be possible that we have the same power to create illness and disease?  Hmmmm, something to think about! 

Think about it.  If I were to tell you that no matter what the medical reasoning was given to you as to why you are in your current physical situation, you created it.  How would that make you feel?  On one hand, you may choose to feel guilty, deserving, and depressed for having manifested such pain and discomfort while on the other hand, you could begin to do some investigating and self-discovery and recovery work and explore the reasons why you needed to create this experience at this precise moment in your life.  Again, just as the case is with anything in your life, it is you choice! 

Hopefully, you are still hanging around and wanting to learn more about our ability to create illness.  The first time someone asked me if I had ever considered the possibilities that I had created my paralysis.  I was enraged and responded angrily, “What are you crazy!  I did absolutely nothing to deserve this.  It was a rare, congenital stroke that paralyzed me while I was sleeping.  How dare you place that kind of blame on me.”  There was so much energy in my words that I knew there was a powerful message about to unveil itself.  Whenever I get worked up or emotional, I know without a doubt, that a messenger is not too far behind.  For the first 12 years of my paralysis, I believed that I was able to move on with my life and develop a positive outlook because I was not responsible for paralyzing myself.  I had always thought about what my attitude would have been like if I had been drinking and driving or doing something foolish that ended up paralyzing me.  Just the thought scared me and when I heard the stories of others who were responsible for their accidents or injuries, I immediately felt sorry for them and then breathed a sigh of relief for myself.  Not anymore! 

Whether your illness or disease was the result of an accident, injury, or simply a sudden or slowly-developing syndrome, it is my belief that each and every individual is responsible for creating his or her situation.  Now you really think I have lost it, don’t you?  You may be asking yourself, “How could I have ever caused or created my tragic situation?”  Even in an example of someone being hit by another vehicle in which the driver had been drinking, I still believed that a conspiracy was agreed upon.  A conspiracy of two souls had determined that to move to the next level of their personal development, to learn more about themselves and others, and to establish a deeper connection to their Creator (no matter who or what they believe or don’t believe in), they needed to create this tragic experience.  This was going to be their wake-up call to themselves because no other sign or message from the universe was being received. 

Please personalize these thoughts.  Each and every moment of our existence, we are being sent powerful, transformational, and life-altering messages from the universe, the world in which we live.  These messages come in the form of people, events, nature, dreams, and all the other details and aspects of life.  The world is our mirror reflection and when we are not looking inward to learn more about ourselves, the world unveils the necessary ingredients for us to get back into relationship with ourselves.  Whether it be a phone call, a bird singing out in nature, or a random book that you decide to pick up in the library, there is a message awaiting you, but you have to be open to receiving it.  The only way to be open to receiving all of these beautiful and wonderful signs and messages is to live in the moment and live with an attitude of gratitude.

What does this have to do with creating illness?  Well, I believe that no matter what we choose to do with our free will, the universe is constantly wanting us to grow and expand our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Even if we are engaged in some unlawful behavior, the universe is still firing away signs and signals that are showing us the way out of them.  I believe there comes a point when your spirit or soul connects with the universe and agrees upon an event or a sign that will create the best possible environment or scenario for you to begin looking inward for your answers.  This does not necessarily means that you automatically will, but your chances will improve.  You may want to see it as another conspiracy between your spirit and the universe. 

Let’s examine illness and disease for a moment and how it relates to this type of thinking.  When we become sick or ill in some manner, don’t we almost automatically begin to take care of ourselves to some degree?  Now grant it, there are individuals who don’t take this as a sign and continue with their abusive behavior towards their bodies.  It is my belief that these people will need an even greater catastrophic or life-altering experience in an attempt to wake themselves up to themselves.  Others may need to have another experience to be open to receiving the message.  For the majority of society, we begin to take the necessary steps to make us feel better.  Consequently, when we do begin to feel better, how often do we simply plunge right back into our lifestyle that probably contributed greatly to the creation of illness in the first place.  This is an example of message from the universe not being received.  When we build up a number of these experiences, whether it be in the form of illnesses, horrific events, lay-offs, broken relationships, etc., sometimes we need a much larger message that will hopefully have more of an impact on us.

If you are willing to do so, please take a moment to examine your current or past physical condition.  Always know that at anytime when you are revisiting any painful or discomforting moments from your past, you are always free to come right back to this moment in which you are safe and secure.  Are you ready?  Rewind the tape of your life and go back to that moment when you became ill, suffered an injury in an accident, or contracted some kind of disease or syndrome.  In this moment, what were you feeling emotionally?  Now go back one month before this event evolved.  How were you feeling emotionally back then?  How was your life progressing?  Were there any fears, apprehensions, or pressures building?  Take yourself back two months, then three months, and so on.  Try and go back as far as you can and notice any patterns that you were creating in your life.  How were your family and friends treating or not treating you?  Most importantly, how did you feel about yourself?  Did you feel complete or was there something missing?  Maybe you don’t even know what it was that was missing. 

When you have completed this exercise, please bring yourself back to this moment.  You can revisit any time in your life whenever you desire.  For some people, it seems to be more productive and secure for them to have someone facilitate this exercise.  It is your choice.  I would strongly suggest that immediately following this exercise that you condition yourself to journal or write about your experiences, free of any judgments or criticism.  Everything and anything is relevant to your resolving this “negative” interpretation to this or any other life-altering experience you have created in your life.  Imagine being able to make peace with any event, encounter, or disappointment that you have ever had just by reinterpreting it.  Once again, this does not mean that your brain will ever forget what happened.  You will still have your natural emotions flowing from time to time when something reminds you of that event in your life.  Most importantly, though, you will no longer be haunted by your past, trapped in anyway, and freed from any guilt or any other “negative” emotion that you may experiencing in this moment. 

Illness and disease, accident and injury all are awakenings to ourselves if, and only if, choose to interpret it that manner.  This is not an easy task and for some, it may take a lifetime.  In my research I have found that healing takes place on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels.  If we are able to make a direct connection to spirit, then a miracle may evolve.  There are still occasions when people do make a direct connection to spirit and are still left with physical limitations.  Why?  For whatever reason, their life’s purpose involves translating their message or service through means of a physical limitation.  In meeting many people in this situation, they appeared to be in a place of constant bliss, viewed pain as an opportunity and their best friend, and determined that they were much more than just their physical bodies.  They are teachers of all kinds. 

Friends, I’ll be writing much more about this subject, but I wanted to give you a taste of this alternative way of thinking.  By asking yourself whether you want to be healed or cured, you begin the process of finding out more about your life and will start to see doors open that will unveil answers to your questions.  Once again, please live in the moment and be open to all the signs and messages that the universe is sending you even in this very moment.  If you can begin to accept having created everything in your past, whether it be a pleasurable or a painful experience, you have begun the healing process, on all levels!! 

Thanks for listening!  --With a devotion to motion, Scott

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