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Elisa Terranova Up-Dated 06.01.07

An automobile and train wreck left Elisa a paraplegic in 1980.
She paints monumental canvases that reflect her journey of physical pain through allegory...

 The accident ravaged my face and left my hands and body permanently paralyzed. I was left without hope of any gainful recovery or of ever being able to walk or use my hands again. The dawning realization that I was facing a lifetime of physical therapy and countless operations became a reality as I tried relentlessly to develop some motor skills in my arms. For therapy, I enrolled in a painting class where I quickly discovered the concept of art as a vehicle for self-expression. I wanted to create a visual diary that would document, through emotional visual metaphors, my new life as one of the physically challenged. FULL STORY HERE

HOW TO REACH ELISA: - 916-351-8140


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hi, it's me... elisa terranova here is a link that is MUST SEE for the pain files.
The Pain Exhibit; i'll be watching!

Thanks Elisa! The Pain Exhibit is a unique concept as a way of viewing and understanding pain!
I just added the link to the pain files - Gary