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 Sometime during 2000

Drinking and Driving: Better Think Twice

Hi, my name is Bill Brennan, let me tell you about my life as a quadriplegic.

I'm 43 year old and I've been a quad for over 22 years. On October 5, 1977, I happened to go out with a few of the guy's, to have a beer to celebrate one's birthday, harmless I thought, after all what could happen with one beer. We got to the bar and someone told the bartender it was someone's birthday. The bartender then bought us all a shot to celebrate, the birthday boy drank them all. We all had a beer and decided to leave. After we left the birthday boy started to get sick, it was just a ploy to get us to pull over so that he could drive, 22 years ago we thought nothing of it.

After all we all thought we were invincible, what we know about, for that matter care about Drunk driving, or drinking and driving. We can handle it, or what could happen, it's just one drink or just a couple of beer's, little did I know.

Now I sit here writing you and telling you that I'm a C5-C6 incomplete. After my injury I spent 11 months in rehab at Rusk Institute in New York. Since then, I've been married since May 9, 1982, and I have two beautiful children named Shawn and Krista. It's not an easy life, but it sure beats the alternative. When I think of all the people I let down in my family because they thought I new better, and I did, I Just didn't listen to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, but when I think what could have been.

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