The Worlds Wheelchair Culture

Could this be the handicapped taxi of the future? See how it works at the bottom of this page.

With few exceptions, every time my spouse, myself, baggage, and my ridged wheelchair need a taxi, usually to and from airports, we get at least one driver that doesn't hide his irritation with having to perform extra duties with us! Some drivers refuse to deal with us and send up the next taxi in line, we usually end up with a decent sort of chap who will go out of his way to assist us. Now, after reading and looking into the Standard Taxi information and it's features, we think, hey, wouldn't it be fun to have this taxi drive up load us up, get us to our destination, all in good spirits?

Here is perhaps the future solution for wheelchair users and taxis!

This from the Paralinks Crew: When we read the above article we instantly thought of this new accessible taxi that has been brought too our attention recently. This has the potential for creating an independent handicapped Taxi Service catering to folks who use wheelchairs. the options and possibilities are endless. Check out the Standard Taxi Web Site:


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