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Non-fiction health traveler book on foreign stem cell treatment

Scouring the Globe for a Cure: A disabled man's experiences with stem cell treatment.

Paralyzed off-road enthusiast, vgrafen, has just released his book,
Scouring the globe for a cure: a disabled man's experiences with stem
cell treatment.

Both a medical travelogue and a commentary on current beliefs and
practices as they relate to spinal cord injury, the book chronicles
vgrafen's search for a cure for paralysis, and is centered upon his
experimental stem cell treatment in Azerbaijan in January 2006.

A regular contributor to one of the world's leading Spinal Cord Injury
research and information websites, CareCure at Rutgers University
(, vgrafen is honest, direct, and entertaining.
comments on foreign and American medical attitudes towards curing
spinal cord injury, and spares no one -especially himself- in his
examination of the state of paralysis research and treatment, and all things disabled.

The book is a must-read for anyone who has experienced a catastrophic
injury or disease and is considering a foreign medical treatment;
anecdotes and insights, along with essential travel tips and vgrafen's
unique spin on all he experiences, make the book rewarding. Medical
tourists and health travelers, who comprise a growing number of
patients seeking treatment outside the United States, along with people
interested in understanding the

problems and considerations facing those with catastrophic injuries,
will find Scouring the globe for a cure. valuable and uplifting. v's
positive, humorous, anti-victim attitude in all he faces will inspire and encourage.
Athlete, father, teacher and coach, 48 year old vgrafen resides in
rural Butte County in Northern California with his wife of 18 years and
two sons.

Scouring the globe for a cure: a disabled man's experiences with stem
cell treatment is available at

A percentage of every sale goes to the CareCure foundation at Rutgers
University, and the Northern California Spinal Cord Injury Group.

Further information, promotional copies and interviews can be obtained
by writing V: or by calling 530-891-5164.