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 Todd Brown: Determination & serving others equals Success
Founder and CEO of 180 Medical

by Kieranne Kramer

Todd Brown grew up in Kingfisher, Oklahoma where he was very active in sports (basketball, football, and track).  He attended the University of Central Oklahoma and owned his own restaurant by the age of 19.  After college Todd was still running his restaurant and was actively involved in motocross racing and basketball.  When he was 25 he was injured in a motocross accident leaving him with a T-7,8 spinal cord injury.  Adjusting to the injury related trauma and extensive rehabilitation was a life changing event for both Todd and his wife of two years, Annette.  Todd went back to work after two short months of rehabilitation vowing to get on with his life.  He participated in his first wheelchair marathon just 6 months after his injury.

One of the frustrations facing Todd after his injury was the frequent urinary tract infections he experienced due to cathing and rewashing of catheters.  Equally as frustrating was having to get his medical supplies from companies who had no end users on staff and were unfamiliar with the choices available to SCI patients.  While attending a wheelchair race, another athlete introduced him to a closed system catheter and the concept of sterile use.  This introduction had an immediate impact on his health and quality of life.  Shortly after this experience, Todd and his wife started a medical supply company out of their garage.  His goals, to help those persons with similar medical needs, employ end users and well trained staff that offer choices to those who cath.  Today, 180 Medical is one of the fastest growing, nationally accredited providers of sterile use catheters and urologic supplies.  180 Medical serves all 50 states and has more than 5000 customers.  

Todd remains active and available to visit spinal cord injury patients in rehabs, mentoring, counseling, and helping newly injured patients cope.  Todd wants to let others know that life goes on and you can still have a good life in spite of injury.  Additionally, he is also an advocate for adoption, and finds time to coach a girls basketball team, snow ski, go 4wheeling, fish, race wheelchairs, hand cycle, and stay active in his church.

Todd’s story inspires motivation, good will, and smart business practices for those facing major challenges in their lives.  He made the most of his injury and continues to help others in need.  180 Medical employs disabled persons that are available to customers for consultation.  He is one of the few distributors that actively promote a charitable program to help his referral sources service those patients with little or know benefits. 

Todd Brown, CEO of 180 Medical, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

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