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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis
Bridges to Hope

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis was founded by 3 members of the 2005 Washington Rally Steering Committee - Betheny Winkler, Susan Maus, and Marilyn Smith.  Throughout 2 1/2 months of intensive organizational work, they knew each other only online . . . finally meeting face to face in Washington on April 11th.  The Rally was a successful, energizing experience for everyone, and Beth, Sue & Marilyn realized their work was just beginning.

All 3 women have a personal stake in the Unite2FightParalysis (The Bridges 2 Hope) mission.  Sue & Betheny both suffer from disabling quadriplegic injuries, while Marilyn's oldest son is also a quadriplegic.  They are passionate and dedicated in their determination to see a cure, and believe the best way to achieve their dream is to present a united & consistent message to government, industry, science and the general public.


Are you or a family member afflicted with paralysis due to either injury or illness? Are you tired of waiting for promising research to move forward? While science has demonstrated that the spinal cord and central nervous system can be repaired, politics and funding have slowed our dream of bridging the gap between hope and fulfillment.

The Bridges 2 Hope project is an outgrowth of Working 2 Walk’s Wall of Hope. In addition to posting stories and photos on our website, we intend to create a hard copy booklet and use it as a lobbying and advocacy tool. It is time for the patient community to speak up and share their stories with the world.

The power of your personal story is enormous. You don’t need to have great knowledge or even talk about the science. Write about what you know—your life today and your dreams for the future. http://www.bridges2hope.org