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SICKO -Note from Gary; in case you haven't bothered to view the film 'Sicko' like me; (I waited 6 months b-4 watching it) do yourself a favor and view it. I recommend it to everyone! It opened my eyes and my heart. It is hard to believe that this is a film about the American health System! How can this happen in America?

Listen to me, please, I'm a 70 year old American veteran. It's obvious because of my age alone that I have experienced a lot during my lifetime & have lived through many generations of families & friends, and never before, until these past six years, have I heard about or witnessed people in America losing their homes to pay for medical bills and losing their lives because they couldn't afford medical care! I have always believed in Democracy & still do, but that system has failed us. - SICKO  Is an attempt to get our eyes and minds open to a corrupt and failed system, & with these eyes and minds open maybe over the next generation we can vote into office diplomatic politicians with hearts of love who legislate for the betterment of America rather than for the betterment of their pocket books. This may seem impossible I agree, but even if there is a 20% chance of change for the good, it is up to us to experience Democracy and vote for those candidates who WILL do America the right thing.

NOTE: Below listings is the archived section
for the up-to-date directory go to
the wheelchair Nation

  1. 04/08/08 Gray Schooley, Founder of Paralinks and Silas S. Slade, Founder of WheelChair Nation have combined web-sites to better serve the Spinal Cord Injury community.  Full Story Here

  2. Mothers raising kids and living with a SCI: Participants needed for study.

  3.  Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Support Dogs, Service Dogs, Companion Dogs All the information you need about service dogs.

  4.  Mind Body Solutions Matthew Sanford Paraplegic Yoga Instructor

  5. Wheelchair (Newdisability) features informative articles about wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories and wheelchair sports. Also included are interviews with disabled athletes and a collection of free wheelchair sports videos.

  6.  New regional conference (Ohio) for people with all kinds of disabilities focuses on sports/recreation, arts & lifestyle

  7. Elisa Terranova Artist Extraordinaire  An automobile and train wreck left Elisa a paraplegic in 1980

  8. Site Under Re-Construction: Note from The Editor; it's about change...

  9. Todd Brown: Determination & serving others equals Success By Kieranne Kramer
  10. Scouring the Globe for a Cure: A Disabled Man's Experiences with Stem Cell Treatment. We can say with certainty that if your or a loved one is thinking about or planning a trip to other countries for a cure; you must read this book
  11. Unite 2 Fight Paralysis  Are you tired of waiting for promising research to move forward? While science has demonstrated that the spinal cord and central nervous system can be repaired, politics and funding have slowed our dream of bridging the gap between hope and fulfillment.
  12. Hire Heroes ATLANTA – June 1, 2007 –  a program designed to help veterans with disabilities find careers in the healthcare industry, officially starts operation today. The American government is not doing its job of helping those who served in the United States Armed Forces and who were wounded in action.
  13. Sailors with Disabilities Prepare For Success With Clagett Events NEWPORT, R.I.  A two-day clinic (August 26-27) that is open only to U.S. sailors.
  14. Paper: A university student writes about Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) - how does it aid the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury.
  15. North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Establishes Horses for Heroes
  16. The Para Links Outer Links: Dozens of great sites dedicated to Spinal Cord Injury
  17. Matthew Sanford Paraplegic Yoga Instructor Paralinks posted an article about Matt way back in August 2004; see where Matt has progressed to. New article by Kay Harvey
  18. Growing Village Pavilion Tree Climbing Japan was founded by John Gathright with the dream of helping a very special paraplegic woman leave her electric wheelchair and climb the biggest tree in the world. WOW!
  19. Opening doors in parks by Austin Fenner; Victor Calise takes a direct approach to tackling life's hurdles; "Just because you are in a wheelchair, it doesn't mean your life stops..."
  20. Letters from the Edge  J. Michael Kanouff's Web Site is now offering his new book. A must read.
  21. e mails from the edge... Sixteen years ago, Australian journalist Ken Haley was working at a local newspaper in Bahrain when his own world caved in....he survived, even though the cost of jumping out a window was that he is now a paraplegic. Page up-dated 02.22.07
  22. My Second Life by Foster Andersen: Life is a constant transmutation between positive and negative polarities such as success-failure, ugliness-beauty, pain-pleasure, and mobility-immobility. If we continue to challenge ourselves throughout our lives, consciously expanding our personal world, all changes can inspire our creativity and transformation.
  23. Crip College Christian Bagg : Campus Administrator. Where you have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world who share your frustrations and obstacles in becoming accustomed to life in a wheelchair. Crip College has a very active message board! Learn new tricks to help make the mobility in your chair more fun and convenient! Browse through a ton of really cool photos! And stay in tune with the latest in chairs.
  24. Spinal Cord Injured American Indians have tough time on reservations. By Daniel Kraker
  25. 'Golden Era of Sri Lankan Cricket' a book by Dr. Ajith C.S. Perera who was destined for a brilliant career academically and professionally both in Sri Lanka and England in a strange mix of cricket and chemistry until in New Zealand, a wayside tree crashed on his moving car to leave him instantaneously a paraplegic for lif
  26. Matt Sanford Paraplegic an unlikely expert on yoga
  27. Rolling Rains Scott has complied a wealth of information about traveling as a disabled person.
  28. The 1st Annual Off-Road Handcycling  World Championships are over; here is the first reporting.
  30. Still Me Voyage Paraplegic canoes 1,000 miles of MacKenzie River solo
  31. Shared Adventures "Our bodies might be broken, but we’re still out here doing stuff." -Marv Tuttle
  32. Letters from the Edge J. Michael Kanouff's new book is available for purchase. Read chapter one here
  33. High School Junior Nicole Deegan By Brian Ojanpa: Nicole holds a unique distinction as a high school danceline member: She's paralyzed from the waist down.
  34. Florida Spinal Cord Injury Awareness week November 13 - 19 The Florida Legislature has passed a bill...  Here's information on how the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is using this important week to launch a number of vital educational initiatives about spinal cord injuries.
  35. This is the archived section: for the up-to-date directory go to the wheelchair Nation
  36. Handicapped Parking is getting to be a bad joke says many wheelchair users when asked...
  37. The Happiness Threshold or Quotient by Ian Boyne; Phillip Brickman interviewed accident victims, who had become quadriplegic or paraplegic and found that they did not experience any significant difference in their happiness quotient after their tragedy. What is your take on this?
  38. We're in cul-de-sac with taxis, say disabled ByTsabeng Nthite. Including information on a new special designed taxi for wheelchair users.
  39. The future solution for wheelchair users and taxis? Standard Taxi Compan.
  40. Yahoo! Movies James Cameron's "Avatar" James Cameron speaks on his upcoming adventure Avatar, which follows a paraplegic war veteran who is brought to another planet inhabited by a humanoid race at odds with Earth's citizens. The film, set for a summer 2008 release, will make heavy use of the same performance capture technology that the upcoming Monster House employs. More on this story may be found through Reuters at Yahoo Movies. Big Question: Is James considering using a real paraplegic for this role?
  41. Handicapped Parking is getting to be a joke says many wheelchair users when asked...
  42. Judie Moffett Paraplegic on a mission to help others in similar situations
  43. Future-Link The future is not what it used to be? A unique Web Site for musicians who happen to be disabled.
  44. Working it out Voc Rehab program gets people back into employment arena. By Melanie M. Sidwell
  45. Who is Wise Young? Wise Young is recognized as one of the world's outstanding neuroscientists.
  46. Winfield Clark The experiences of a long-term paraplegic with long-term Buddhist practice. Brief personal history. Overview of Buddhist philosophy. The practice of sitting meditation. Meditation practice and the disabled.
  47. Desert Wind Nevada Land Sailors love a good strong wind
  48. Shake-A-Leg Announces Summer, 2006 Programs for Adults and Youth with Disabilities
  49. Angelo Suriano ignores the penetrating cold as he sits on his plastic sled, using his arms to shuttle among his 18 dogs. He rubs their noses and ears and soothes their excitement with a calming voice, individually showing them his devotion.
  50. Smoking You most likely have heard all the reasons to stop smoking; lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, shorter life expectancy... 
  51. God's perfect will Mysteriously, there seems to be a transforming effect on being afflicted. Such experiences are life-changing and soul-altering in the deepest of senses. The combination of boredom and physical suffering squeeze and challenge the soul like a precious gem forged in the unbelievable forces within the earth’s mantle that can lead into profound heights of understanding, realization, and, in the long run, inner peace. -Pointe'a
  53. *********************ABOVE LINKS CHECK OUT OKAY*******************
  54. Vibrator for paraplegics Researchers at the B.C. Institute of Technology are trying to help paraplegics and quadriplegics with an everyday problem that gets ignored in the high-profile quest to regenerate damaged spinal cords: How to help people have a satisfactory sex life. 
  55. SICKO - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=SICKO&x=13&y=23

  56. 'Birdman of Niagara Falls' Battles Bureaucracy Over State Park Access By David Staba
  57. Darol Kubacz along with 18 other members of the Uhuru Ascent team will make an attempt at history on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  If successful, Darol will become the first paraplegic in history to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro completely unassisted. 
  58. Comment on Bush's stem cell veto; Brooke Ellison, who was left paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator-dependent after a 1990 car accident at the age of 11, said the president's decision runs counter to the desires of most Americans.
  59. Free Wheelchair Mission Twenty Five years ago, the sight of a crippled Moroccan woman crawling across a dirt road planted a seed that germinated in 1999 when Don Schoendorfer, founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, invested his education and professional expertise as a PhD Mechanical Engineer to create a simple, rugged, and inexpensive wheelchair. The mental picture of the crawling woman's anguish and loss of dignity had haunted him for years until God opened a path for Dr. Schoendorfer. 
  60. My Capital Hill sojourn for help By Chaz Southard
  61. The Sea Inside & Million Dollar Baby are still getting a lot of press; especially after Baby won the Awards. Paralinks welcomes your comments. Articles by Nat Hentoff, Chaz Southard, Arthur Caplan, Marcie Roth, Sharon Waxman, James Langton, Ann Neville-Jan and more. "For many years, I have reported on disability rights, and have come to know people diagnosed as "vegetables" in their early years — or later as "hopelessly" disabled — who have become psychologists, corporate lawyers and even writers." -Nat Hentoff
  62. Do you have a cervical spinal cord injury & live in the United States?  If so, you qualify for the The Reeve-Irvine Research Center Arm and Hand Function Research Survey
  63. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)? The Question & Answers the of the month. Reader feedback wanted. I myself recently had surgery done on my left hand. It had been bothering me for well over 6 months and was depriving me of sleep for over 3 months.
  64. The Reeve-Irvine Research Center is conducting a research study to determine more details about the arm/hand impairments experienced by men and women with cervical spinal cord injuries and their knowledge about surgical options to increase function.  The information gained from this study will be used to help scientists and medical doctors develop experiments addressing these issues, with the aim of developing therapeutic treatments for people living with SCI.  For more information please contact Dr. Kim Anderson at kanderso@uci.edu or call 949-824-0056.  All information will be kept strictly confidential. Survey web site
  65. “FUSION” If you are part of a performance group (vocal, choir, theatre, dance, band, drummers, etc.) comprised of able-bodied and disabled performers (blind/vision-impaired, deaf/hearing-impaired, wheelchair, developmental, amputees, etc.), then feel free to audition for the upcoming production of “FUSION”
  66. BrainGate If people with physical handicaps could control a computer by just thinking, they could also operate light switches, television, even a robotic arm -- something the 160,000 people in the United States who can't move their arms and legs would surely welcome. From Wired!
  67. ouch!... it's a disability thing
    A great sort of a real grassroots newspaper, lots of information people editorials dis-Abled writers music cartoons and more
  68. Disability Nation... an Audio Magazine by and for People with Disabilities
  69. Vehicle Conversion nightmare for Paraplegic
  70. Musicians Who Happen 2 B dis-Abled: The Healing Powers of Music & Rhythm: a unique directory of musicians who happen 2 B dis-Abled.
  72. Grace of My Heart has written articles for the Paralinks Sexuality & Spinal Cord Injury page over the past five years. This from Grace: I've been a C5-6 complete quad for 21 years: I had a diving accident at the age of 14.  At first, I had no idea if I would be capable of experiencing sexual pleasure.  And, of course, I didn't get any information about it from the rehab hospital at that time.  I probably wouldn't have been ready for it anyway, since I was just beginning to experience puberty, and adjusting to life as a quad was hard enough on my self-esteem.  Fortunately for me, there was a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel! -Grace
  73. Chris Sheridan  "I guess breaking my back has been sort of like getting a flat tire. I had to pull over along the road of life and fix it. Deal with it as best as I can, then get up and keep on going. Some people say that life is to short, but to me, life is just too long to be miserable in."  -
  74. Is magnetic therapy ancient quackery?
  75. Keegan Reilly A man who lost the use of his legs in a car accident seven years ago refuses to see limits in life; had one unexpectedly plunked down in front of him last week as he was attempting to become the first paraplegic to climb Mount Fuji under his own strength. -By Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa
  76. University of Utah researchers have won $6 million in federal grants to develop wireless electrodes that would be implanted to provide blind people with artificial vision and stimulate paralyzed body parts so disabled people could walk, talk or control a computer with their thoughts. Maybe; worth looking into.
  77. Vets find hope and love during sports clinic By Ann Larson. The war in Iraq is different from past wars. Adamant supporters and anti-war demonstrators disagree on whether Iraqi Freedom was necessary, but both sides say they support the troops.
  78. Born Lucky It was said that he was born lucky, or it may have been fate, whatever, this account of a period of time in a mans life lets us know that it can happen, there is always a chance, no matter how slight, that a prognosis of being 'completely paralyzed for life', could be incorrect.
  79. Clayton Lewis  A Cure is coming... One of the refrains that I kept hearing during my rehab was that a cure is coming... they are figuring out the human Central Nervous System and that a cure is on the way. The best estimates are that within 15 to 20 years there will be a cure. I was also told that the best way to be ready for the cure when it comes is to stay in shape and take care of yourself. When you think about it, that advice is really just simple common sense. -
  80. Rex Donald Disabled or Not “Find That Hidden Job!” No matter who you are, finding employment in today’s job market is difficult.  The competition for jobs are fierce. For each advertised job opening there are dozens or even hundreds of applicants.
  81. Implanted electrodes Scientists have helped a 'partially' paralyzed man walk the length of three football fields by implanting electrodes in his spine. 
  82. Wheelchair Stunt-Man Gary Schooley from Paralinks recently caught Trevair Snowdog during a break in his wild life. Catching him while he was on the ground, Gary took this opportunity to interview the 'Wheelchair Stunt-man'. If you have not heard of Trevair yet, I am sure that you will. 
  83. Sean Scott: The Story of A Paraplegic flying a weight-shift Trike. 
  84. Vinny Lauwers a 32-year-old paraplegic, sailed into his home port of Melbourne last Saturday, ending an eight-month epic journey that saw him become the first paraplegic to sail non-stop, solo and unassisted around the world. 
  85. Michael Brady Trapped paraplegic drags himself through Prairie snow 02 Jan 2003  
  86. Jeff Haworth, Visionary Artist, founder of Reality-Ize and brother paraplegic. I met Jeff  several years ago while my spouse and I were visiting Sedona Arizona. Our meeting was brief, but we were impressed with Jeff's maturity, sincerity, and vision for such a young man. 
  87. Heather Proud Dis?Ability on the Internet  Over the past twelve years I have learned much by working, counseling, socializing, studying, advocating, observing, playing, and interacting with individuals with disabilities (IWD). It is still amazing to me that I have adjusted to being paralyzed for over half of my young life, and yet I feel so fortunate to have a good quality of life.
  88. Chava Willig Levy Wheel of Misfortune?  As a person who gets around in a motorized wheelchair, I've always considered television my friend. After all, it kept me company during many long and lonely stints in bed, both at home and in the hospital. Maybe it has something to do with getting married seven years ago, but now that my stints in bed are no longer lonely, I've become more critical of my old friend. In fact, there are times when I view television as my enemy.
  89. Forbidden Wedding A film by Flavia Fontes: Hedir Antonio de Brito, a paraplegic from the age of fifteen, wanted simply to marry Elzimar Serafim, who was the love of his life. He had sent out wedding invitations and applied for a marriage certificate from the Roman Catholic Church. But forty days before the wedding, He got an unexpected letter from the Catholic Church of Patrocinio, Brazil. His marriage application was denied on the grounds that as a paraplegic he could not copulate. 
  90. The history of the wheelchair A fascinating look into the past and future of wheelchairs.
  91. Scott Chesney Life Enhancement Coaching
  92. Wheel Travel Canada by Jane Danielson
  93. A Muscle Suit You Can Strap Right On by Irene M. Kunii
  94. Anthony Rain Starez Standing Before You
    A collection of short stories and songs
  95. Jen Longshaw Where Did Our Love Go? The Sexual Politics of the “Differently-Abled”    
  96. A Celebration Of Wheels  Len Mac has been editing this site for many years and yet he remains incognito! (off site link)
  97. Hard Time 'I'm very sad. Everything very uncomfortable here. I cannot go anywhere. The road here very bad. Wheelchair no use. If he wants to move around, he has to be carried.
  98. The Hospice Raid and the War on Drugs
    The war on drugs keeps getting bigger and meaner. Just when you think the tide is beginning to turn, someone in charge takes it a step further.
  99. Matt Bell Ski Patroller - Paraplegic; by Heather Burke
  100. If You Believed In God You'd Still Be Walking
    by Mark Hanaway
  101. Stephen Hawking Cybernetic exoskeleton replaces wheelchair??? 1999
  102. Marta Russell Personal Voices: Wheelchairs Against War AlterNet 03.27.03
  103. Spinal Cords If you're a fan of hamburgers, hot dogs, or luncheon meats, odds are you sometimes eat small bits of cow spinal cords. You can thank something called Advanced Meat Recovery...
  104. Curtis Neeley Photographer/Paraplegic Earth Eye Images
  105. Dancing Wheels based in Cleveland, will train eager, athletic men or women wheelchair users to work as apprentices with the company. 
  106. Bonzai Monk Whyd I write this letter??? I dont really know why ...but lets just say for the last 11 years Ive lived in a town with not one person I know of but me in a chair......11 years and im finally bored...........11 years and this is the very first time ive been to a website lookin for Brothers or Sisters to bond with......What am I missing??? What is there out there yet?? I need to get involved my attitudes kickin my butt now.
  107. Peter van Kan is a yoga teacher, musician, writer and paraplegic
  108. Newlyweds work to save marriage after war leaves him paralyzed Jennifer C. Yates 
  109. Africa in a wheelchair? Why Ethiopia? Writing by Gordon Rattray
  110. Handicap-Accessible Street Rod By the Monster Garage.  
  111. Bladder Pacemaker? I have wanted one of these from the moment I heard of such a thing! -Gary
  112. Power Paws Now is the time to apply for an Assistance Dog!
  113. Women With Disabilities Australia:  The Wheelchair as a Vehicle for Empowerment and Community Development.
  114. High Flying Paraplegic! Russel Metlitzki flies...
  115. Rory Cooper aka 'Spin Doctor' a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh is crash-testing wheelchairs.
  116. Humble Pie by Pointe'a; a look at one pathway to being humble.
  117. Bill Brennan Drinking and Driving: Better Think Twice
  118. Jen Longshaw Zen and the Art of Wheelchair Maintenance A civilized society can be judged by the way it treats its weakest citizens and when it's most vulnerable members are the disabled then even more so. So why is it that the very people put in charge of supplying care to that sector of the community are often the worst possible choices?
  119. Mark Hanaway The Sex and Dating Scene My Personal Thoughts on the Sex and Dating scene By . At the age of twenty when I first had my injury, like most men I was very concerned about my sex life. I had been dating someone for a couple of years and it was an important part of our relationship. While in rehab, quite often I would get an erection simply if the wind blew. So I thought things hadn't changed much. What was very different was the fact that I could be mentally or emotionally aroused but not physically and physically aroused but not emotionally. 
  120. Murderball Quadriplegics kicking the crap out of one another in the name of sport? Welcome to the 2002 Wheelchair Rugby World Championships in Sweden.
  121. John Hockenberry The story of the most fearless entrepreneur ever: The human brain. When you think disability, think zeitgeist. I'm serious. We live at a time when the disabled are on the leading edge of a broader societal trend toward the use of assistive technology.
  122. Barry McKeown From his wheelchair,  has connected IV bags for accident victims, monitored heart rates in the intensive care unit, counseled geriatric patients — saving the life of one with emergency CPR...
  123. God's Grace and Protection  Peter van Kan Even though there have been no grand, divine visions in my life, no moments in which a resounding inner voice told me, "Go, do this Peter," there have been many, many ways in which God and Guru have let me feel their presence and protection. A serious car accident in 1979 landed me in a wheelchair as a paraplegic. On first impression, this may not seem to be a wonderful example of divine protection, yet, it has given me so much on many levels that I now consider that experience to have been one of the greatest blessings of my life.
  124. Human Engineering Research Laboratories ...interested in wheelchair design or the effects of long term use of wheelchairs on the human body, the use of Dogs to Increase Function and Psychological Well-Being Among Wheelchair Users, or Dynamic Force Distribution at the Body-Seat Interface During Wheelchair Propulsion; this site is for you! See our  Introduction to HERL peek into what the Human Engineering Research Laboratories is all about. 
  125. From Big Air to Wheelchair Trevor Snowden By Taylor Flynn
  126. ...a dream... Paraplegic Marc Merger knows his dream of strolling through the countryside on a sunny day will remain just that....
  127. Ed note: During my first year in a wheelchair I lived through a snowy and black ice winter. I wrapped baling wire around my tires for traction. This method helps, but it is not the prefect way to go.
  128. 'Valerie 23' Valerie is the "perfect" woman in every sense of the word, except there's a catch - she is a robot. 
  129. Beneficial Designs works towards universal access through research, design, and education. We believe all individuals should have access to the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life. 
  130. Taiwan's Fiesty First Lady is a Paraplegic
  131. Set Your Heart On Fire by Grace
  132. Sexual pleasure for woman with SCI by Grace
  133. Vagina Monologues Grace writes about her take on the Monologues. 
  134. Have you even heard of the Vagina Monologues? We post this here because of the honest and need to know information about women's sexuality that most men are unaware of. (off site link)
  135. Participation in clinical trials.The following document has been released by a multi-national group of experts in the field of spinal cord injury research. This has excellent information about what you should know and ask if your are ever considering participation in clinical trials.  There is also information regarding past, current, and potential future clinical trials.
  136. A Must Read! Clinical trials public guide 2007. pdf file (This document was provided by kanderso@uci.edu
  137. Musicians Who Happen 2 B dis-Abled: The Healing Powers of Music & Rhythm. a unique directory of musicians who happen 2 B dis-Abled.
  138. Miracles on a Mountainside: More than 400 disabled military veterans from across the country are scheduled to attend the 21st National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic (WSC) April 1-6 in Snowmass Village, Colo. (near Aspen).  This is truly a unique and incredible event (with amazing visuals).  With veterans coming back with disabilities from Iraq and Afghanistan, highlighting their abilities in this national rehabilitative event (adaptive skiing, sled hockey, scuba, shooting and more) is a very timely and relevant story. 
  139. WheelchairNet is a community for people who have a common interest in (or in some cases a passion for) wheelchair technology and its improvement and successful application... a virtual community... a community that exists only in "cyber space." Cyberspace is a way of referring to the Internet. It's a community organized along the lines of a real town. This virtual town is inhabited, visited and managed by people who have an interest in wheelchairs and how wheelchairs can best serve the needs of people who use them.
  140. Flying Wallenda a Paraplegic, readies for a comeback.
  141. Jason Pipoly Last year Jason became the first U.S. paraplegic to cross the 22-mile English Channel, swimming it in 13 hours and 48 minutes.
  142. Lost  Paraplegic Poem that wants words added to it. This is an attempt to see how the Internet Search Engines pick up the word 'paraplegic'
  143. Tech Predictions for the Decade From Wired News  If scientists and analysts at the market research firm IDC are proven right, paraplegics will be able to walk thanks to sensors embedded in their legs that will receive directions from a computer.
  144. Skydive-ETC Experience the thrill of a lifetime! WOW!
  145. Trikes or Trykes? Two Paralyzed Veterans, Terry McGovern & Louis DuPilka,  put their mark on the world of motorbikes. By Dianne Renzulli the public affairs assistant for the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association. Enough information and resources to build your own!
  146. Sexuality of One Paralyzed Man: Sex does exist after paralysis Gordon has written this accounting of the early years of his paralysis and his maturing sexuality. He told us here at Paralinks that before he was a paraplegic he was a macho dude and did not give much thought to how either his  wife, when he was married- or his later girlfriend- felt about their sexuality. Note: Gordon's letter is graphic and explicit. If you are embarrassed by sexual frankness-- perhaps pass this letter by. -ed

SICKO -Note from Gary; in case you haven't bothered to view the film 'Sicko' like me; (I waited 6 months b-4 watching it) do yourself a favor and view it. I recommend it to everyone! It opened my eyes and my heart. It is hard to believe that this is a film about the American health System! How can this happen in America?

Listen to me, please, I'm a 70 year old American veteran. It's obvious because of my age alone I have experienced a lot during my lifetime & have lived through many generations of families & friends, and never before, until these past six years, have I heard about or witnessed people in America losing their homes to pay for medical bills and losing their lives because they couldn't afford medical care! I have always believed in Democracy & still do, but that system has failed us. - SICKO  Is an attempt to get our eyes and minds open to a corrupt and failed system, & with these eyes and minds open maybe over the next generation we can vote into office diplomatic politicians with hearts of love who legislate for the betterment of America rather than for the betterment of their pocket books. This may seem impossible I agree, but even if there is a 20% chance of change for the good ,it is up to us to experience Democracy and vote for those candidates who WILL do America the right thing.

SICKO - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=SICKO&x=13&y=23


On average, it happens every hour of every day – someone suffers a spinal cord injury that can leave them paralyzed for life. Without a doubt, one of the most debilitating and life-altering events comes as a result of spinal cord injuries. www.wheelchairnation.com

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