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Send Mail June 16 2001

May 21.2

We are looking for folks who would like to research and data mine for Paralinks.

You would  search for articles, both news and personal writings of paras and quads, for relevant web sites, and any information regarding Spinal Cord Injury that would be helpful for sci's, their families, and caregivers. 

We are a Networking web site that does not turn a profit, any banner ad revenue pays a portion of our ISP, phone, and domain costs, the balance comes out of my pocket. Therefore we do not pay, but you would be named (Including your e-mail and or web site address if you wish) on the main pages as part of the Paralinks team. I simply can no longer put the time into this project as I have been for the past six years. Gary Schooley

Inside Paralinks

Paralinks is being scouted by agents from commercial disability sites 

We have recently discovered a few cases of writers who have articles/stories published in Paralinks who have been contacted by agents of several different commercial disability sites to write for them- for money! 

If you are a writer and are an SCI, or write about Spinal Cord Injury related subjects, send Paralinks your stuff! No, we cannot pay you, we simply do not have the funding, the Paralinks staff works for free.

However, having your work published in Paralinks gives you the opportunity to be read and contacted by a paying site. This is a win-win situation here. Paralinks readers get fresh timely articles about SCI, and you the writer get to be seen by those data mining scouts!