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July One 2000

Paralinks Frequently Asked Questions

Who and What is Paralinks?

We are, or rather, Paralinks is, a grassroots community electronic magazine specifically for people with Spinal Cord Injury. I say we, yet Paralinks has long been a one man operation, which is me. 

So who is this  'we' ?

I am a paraplegic, the result of a long fall. It has been only recently, coinciding with the expansion of the Internet and World Wide Web, that I have found an endeavor to put a fair amount of my life's time and creative energy into. Several years ago while surfing the Web I rolled across so many SCI's that were accomplishing great deeds, that I was motivated to get off my butt and do something constructive! I had been paralyzed for 16 years at the time, and there was so little information regarding living life with SCI available. So I learned HTML and put together a web page of Paralysis Links. From those humble beginnings a major electronic magazine has emerged.

The 'we' is a combination of my different personalities, alter egos, and characters that I have created, and who were created by circumstances beyond my conscious control. They all play a part in this busy project.  We is the various aspects of the many  lives that I have lived during this lifetime. This may appear strange to some, but as we roll into the next century, there will be many new ways of being in life on earth. 

What's the latest?

We are continually expanding this electronic magazine. For more specific details regarding the latest, we recommend that interested persons go the Future-Link Web Suite at: <

Do you accept business ad banners?

Yes! We would love to place your Business ad. The charge is usually $100. for a four month placement, depending on type of business, size of banner, and how many pages it will appear on.  For a nominal fee we will design your banner ad for you.

Submitting articles

If you have an article about SCI that you feel is appropriate, please submit it. We cannot pay as we are not generating any income at this time, but would love to get you some exposure. See Writers Wanted 5/21/00 Paralinks is being scouted by agents of commercial disability sites looking for writers.