A true padded toilet seat cushion for paraplegics is finally here
NOTES FROM GARY 3.20.09 -  UP-DATE 4.7.09

After using this seat for 3 weeks I have to add some more information.

1. I now use only one of the cushions (Soft). the Firm is great for the 'bottom' layer if you need the added height two cushions give. I still believe that these are the best padded cushions available. If know of a better one please contact me. mauvada@gmail.com

2. Easy to keep clean using a 'Baby Wipe' or other non-abrasive cleaning method, but, "Clean it after every use!"

The years long search for that 'right' padded toilet seat is over for at least one paraplegic, that would be me. I have been wheeling for dozens of years, and until now, I have never found that 'right' toilet seat cushion that actually works, is comfortable, and helps keep them pressures sores at bay! I have researched, contacted dozens of medical supply businesses, even discussed this problem with a design firm, and none of them, ever, had anything that even resembles this unit. I rolled upon this site and bought 2 cushions that same day!

The Comfort Rise is a 1.25 inch thick contoured raised padded toilet seat cover.

Available in 8 different colors and 3 different densities. Fits on both standard and elongated toilets seats and features a front cutout opening for access. Ultra soft, soft and firm foam densities give you more options for your needs.

Buy from: http://www.180psi.com

I was using two cushions to get the height that I need and a more substantial 'bottom' seat (I weigh 170 lbs) I found that with using only one, my feet were better placed on the floor.  I recommend buying two of these if you need the added height of the seat level.

This foam toilet seat cushion was designed and developed by Chris Kohler, a paraplegic, and are manufactured in the USA.

(Both photos from 180psi web site)

Note: We have been informed that this seat works for some low Quads..

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