Scene: Old wrecking yard office, the junked cars and car parts long gone, the space that they left rapidly filling with old code.

Samson, sitting on the floor contemplating, trying to visualize a picture in his mind of how to best utilize the old code that is piling up in the yard. Once he opened the gates and advertised on the Net that he would re-cycle all the old and vacated Home Page Web Site code cluttering up ISP's around the world, his modems have been stuck wide-open with gig's of old code pouring in. He never expected nor dreamed of this response. Now, for the first time ever he is questioning his ability to function.

In 1992 Samson and his partner Jaseen, founded Future-Link, a local Northern California ISP. Now, two years later they have 3,000 dialup customers. Samson is more the entrepreneur than the technician, so when he called for the old code he wasn't exactly sure what he was doing. His main technician, Derrick, is in the woods doing a silent retreat, leaving Samson dazed and confused.

The office is quickly filling with code, it is up to his waist when suddenly Ma-Chine knocks, opens the door and walks in. Taking one look at Samson she says: "Hey dude! Take a break."

Samson breaks from his deep thoughts, looks over and sees Ma-Chine. She is wearing dark red tights, a dark red skirt, and a dark red lightweight long sleeved sweater.

"Whew. Thanks Chine for bringing me back!" he exclaims, as he stands brushing code from his legs, "I was stuck in some 60's retro flashback, except that I was in the future. I was confused Chine! I have never been confused before in my life."

Samson walks over and looks out the window into the yard, sure enough it is filling with old code. Samson shakes his head clear. "I should have listened to Jaseen on this one, she told me that I was way to far out with this reclaiming old code thing. I think that every server in the world is dumping their excess code on me."

"Relax Samson, I have all afternoon to take care of it. Why don't you go up to the cabin and be quiet with Derrick.  I'll call Jaseen and tell her that you are taking a break. "

Chine smiles, takes his hand and walks him outside to his BMW.

"I never saw you like this Samson, you okay now?" Chine asks, with concern in her voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Fine."

"Okay, but I suggest that you get rid of this virtual office and get back to the real thing."

"Right Ma, you take care of the move for me okay?"

"I'm already on it. And I’ll call L to help with the code problem."

Samson drives away feeling relieved that Chine is back from that New York recording gig.

On the phone straight away, Ma-Chine, speaking to L, is becoming as confused as Samson was.

"Listen L, tell me in simple terms how to re-route all this code down to Cuba! Nobody anywhere else would want it. Castro has effectively blocked 95% of Internet transmissions in and out of Cuba. A big deal to the connected digerati there are the first versions of Netscape and Eudora. Most computers are using Mosaic! They need this used code. And we need to get rid of it. So come on! What do I do?"

"Chine, listen closely here, I have it all figured out, well, almost."

L smiles, thinking; I hope that I can pull this off. I wonder what Ma-Chine tried to do,  and how does she know about the code shortage in Cuba?

L, being trained by Derrick, is a programmer who dropped out ten years ago, and is working his way back into the computer mind set. He is learning networking at Future-Link.

"Chine, do this, you telnet in, use a professional editor vi or pro e-mail mutt, or news slrn, or everything else a unix box can do for the power-user. He goes on; "You know my addresses: My work machine...huh..."

Talking again to himself; I have 10MB feed   dedicated modem and IP address of hostnames and an alias of same machine-2 names. Apache web server on both. I'm probably confusing Ma-Chine now! Shit, I’m getting confused. I should be waxing my car. Lord, I had better put up a firewall to try and stop the incoming code first off!

L, speaking faster now; actually babbling,

"Chine, I'm trying to connect  wwwdigibeamnet which should get to a line into Cuba. I don't think that they even have a T-1 into the country. I am going to try and connect with Columbus! (A Cuban BBS) While I have a connection, I am going to send them down some gimp. Unix loves gimp, the mini Adobe of UNIX that can squeeze graphics into an atom.

Damn, I'm making history, L muses. Maybe I'll hold off on the firewall. Then continues rambling on to Chine,

"When all this El sof code hits the island, look out! I'll bet that the fastest modems in Cuba are  14.4's."  Actually I remember reading that 1200 baud is the standard.

Chine begins to laugh, cutting L off,

"L, I am a candidate for an MBA, not Computer Science. You take care of rerouting the code! I'm going over to Fathoms and rehearse those two new songs of his. Bye."

Ma-Chine hangs up, leaving L to ponder the code problem.

Notes to the reader: This is a rough draft for sure, as you may well have noticed. The time frame that this scene takes place in is mid-1994.

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