Musicians who happen 2 b disabled

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Bassist Bill ClementsNEW Evelyn Glennie - Percussionist Solo Drummer & Deaf
Bassist Bill ClementsNEW Bassist Bill Clements began playing at the age of 13, inspired by Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, and other prog-rock bass giants. Bill lost his right hand and forearm, December 1989 in an industrial accident...  within three months time, Bill was gigging again, and he hasn't stopped since.
Rhythmic Arts ProjectNEW The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) Professional Drummer Eddie Tuduri founder of...
Grant Brings Rhythm to Delaware County New York ARC

MISS MoneyNEW Miss Money Musician -  Muscular dystrophy - Genre: Rap, R&B Gospel DJ  Urban music producer.
DISABLED MUSICIANS Rob Richard:  Drummer - Cerebral Palsy Handidrummed is a website for disabled drummers made BY disabled drummers.
Anne BostwickAnne Bostwick: Songwriter, Singer, w/Raven Blue, Paraplegic
GREG HARRY Greg Harry: Writer, Producer, Vocals, Midi, Quadriplegic
InterviewBeaver Felton: Bassist, Teacher, Businessman, Paraplegic- Interview with Beaver from Bass Inside magazine.
Derek Mortland
Derek Mortland: Guitarist, Paraplegic- Music Genre: Eclectic Blend of World Music
Disabled Drummers Web SiteFather Time: The Disabled Drummers Association.
RAVEN DRUMThe Raven Drum Foundation Rick Allen the drummer for Def Leppard lost an arm in a car accident in 1984.
KINA DIAMOND Kina Diamond: Singer, Songwriter, has Muscular Dystrophy 

GaryGary Schooley: yours truly: editor of Paralinks. Being a (rank amateur) Musician & (experienced) Paraplegic, I find it inspiring and interesting when I come across talented musicians with disabilities. Although my music history is not much compared to the guys listed on this page I included myself anyway.
Interview Vic Chesnutt Singer, Guitarist, Paraplegic- "The big regrets have nothing to do with me. I look at the world and think, 'God, what a crazy world.' I think, 'God, it was so close. We could have lived with the Indians and not killed them all. That would have been great.' We were close, so close, right on the edge from realizing, 'No, you don't want to slaughter them.' We could have had a whole different world in the Americas. That makes me depressed."  
More on Abon HereABN:
Musician, Paraplegic- Music Genre: Electronica
Article HereAnthony Rain Starez: Writer, Musician, Paraplegic; sings with the rock/pop trio Free Spirit in the Tampa Bay Florida area.  Tony sings with acoustic guitar and violin back up. 
Article Here  Rob Da Noize Temple is Noizemozis with John MoSis Miller 
InterviewCurtis Mayfield: A founding father of Soul music...

ANDREW HEWITT Andrew Hewitt: Drummer has mild Cerebral Palsy
InterviewMike Hamer: Musician, Hammered Dulcimer, Storyteller, Wheelchair Dancer, Quadriplegic 
Article Here Van Gogh:
Touring Band. Despite their enormous popularity in disability circles, Van Goghs songs are notoriously free of references to disability. We dont write message songs. We hope our message is in our actions. The fact that we do it well says more than if we gave a seminar. explains Ricky.
More on Jon HereJon Weems: Musician, Writer, Quadriplegic- "I don't really have an incredibly inspirational story to tell regarding my injury.  I have simply found a way to continue to do something that I have enjoyed doing all my life.  That's why I have my page geared more towards the music I'm writing rather than my injury."
InterviewRobert Wyatt: Musician, Drummer, Writer, Paraplegic  A 54-year-old communist and veteran of the psychedelic era, may be the most compelling pop musician working in 1998. Flagpole's Phil Waldorf caught the artist on the phone at his home in England...
DISABLED MUSICIANSNeil Murray: Drummer; cerebral palsy

InterviewHorizontal Paul Music Project Well, what's the music project about?  It is about my dream to be recognised as a singer/songwriter and musician. It is a hope that I can inspire the able and disabled to be creative, and not to give up on their dreams because they feel their disability limits, or prevents them in some way....Its about creating a better understanding between the able and the disabled. To better understand that we are all equal, and valuable, in our own right.

Desperately seeking Guitar, Bass players and Singer for a small Independent Film featuring disabled musicians!

Organizations Promoting Wellness Through Music
If you know of organizations that fit this criteria let us know

Web SiteThe Disabled Drummers Association: a non-profit organization dedicated to serving drummers with disabilities and helping them to be a positive part of the music industry, as well as to help change the way the disabled musicians are viewed and treated in the industry today.
Web SiteThe Coalition for Disabled Musicians Designed in part to: Introduce disabled musicians to each other who have an understanding of disability-related problems. 
Article HereGroup Drumming:  "It's time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom." -Remo Belli Founder & CEO, Remo Inc.
Web SiteThe Drake Music Project From hip hop to classical, jazz to rock and roll, the Drake Music Project is a national charity that is committed to providing the opportunity for disabled people to explore, compose and perform their own music.Web SiteMusic- a life enhancing therapy "Music is therapy and has always been so."  ... The whole range of human emotions is held within the structures of harmony, and of musical style and idiom. These connections with music frequently remain, despite handicap or illness 
Web SiteOpening Stages A Quarterly Newsletter for People with Disabilities Pursuing Careers in the Performing Arts
Article HereR.D.A. - Recommended Drumming Allowance
This Month's R.D.A. - The Beat by Christine K. Stevens, MSW, M.A., MT-BC  

The BEAT in music is the driving force, the contagious element, the energy.

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