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Van Gogh: Vocalist/Music Writer Robby Heisner; Lyricist/Vocalist Ricky Heisner; &  Drummer Scott Robertson

Rockers Who Really Do Roll

Both Heisner brothers have Becker muscular dystrophy and as a result, use eye-popping super-fast electric wheelchairs in their daily lives as well as onstage. Drummer Scott Robertson, 36, a Paraplegic uses an adaptive device to operate the kick pedal. (Article from Internet, writer un-known)

Over the last nine years, they've released five critically acclaimed full-length albums. And along the way they've developed their onstage personas (kind of the Statler and Waldorf of rock & roll); acquired an intelligent lighting system; built a first rate home studio (where their last three albums have been recorded); filmed several videos; been featured numerous times on television, radio, and in magazines; been given an unreleased Prince tune to record; and written songs for independent films, extreme sports videos, as well as a host of other artists and performers.

The infamous hats they wear onstage, combined with their twisted, self-effacing (and very politically incorrect) senses of humor, create an atmosphere of dark comedy that can be a bit confusing to those who expect a telethon gimmick or novelty act. And the fact that the brothers have been accused of "not really being in wheelchairs" only reinforces the fact that there has never been a band like Van Gogh before. But they never fail to win over even the most skeptical audiences, which is a testimony to the quality of their music and performances.

As serious musicians, the Heisners’ carefully negotiate the line between drawing attention away from their wheelchairs and
toward their music.

“We like songs with melody and harmonies. It should be a fun, positive experience, not mad at the world, hating life” says Robby.

“We don’t sing it’s Hip to be Crip or Kumbaya kind of music” says Robby, “that’s not what our music is about. We’re musicians who just happen to have disabilities.”

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