Rob Da Noize Temple Musician Keyboards Producer
Rob has Erbs Palsy limiting him to the use of only one arm. Genre: R&B, Hip Hop 

 Noizemozis Biography 

Noizemozis is John MoSis Miller and Rob Da Noize Temple. The versatile NYC songwriters are also producers of the No.1 international club hit, FREE. Receiving airplay in the US, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Austria and France, FREE charted No.1 for several weeks in Italy and in several US radio markets, including New York and Chicago. FREE was re-mixed by the legendary Todd Terry.

FREE (the Drug Free Remix) won first place in the Billboard Magazine Songwriters Contest and was chosen as the theme song for the national drug awareness program, D.A.R.E., sponsored by Kentucky Fired Chicken. It was remixed at Bob Marley Studios in England and released in the USA, Europe and Japan. Vibe Of Love, an awesome pop hit, was co-written with legendary Motown producer Brian Holland and released on Holland Group Records. Vibe Of Love has been on the Billboard “Hot R&B Singles &Tracks” charts as well as on the “Hot R&B Sales” charts for 9 weeks.

Where are the Disabled Musicians in the Music Industry?

Hi Everyone: My name is Rob "Da' Noize" Temple, I have been playing keyboards with use of one hand for over 40 years, and playing in live bands for over 30 years... I have been making records for 23 years now, and had a #1 international hit entitled "Free" by the Mozie B Project. I also was on Billboards hot R&B charts for 9 weeks with the "Vibe Of Love" by the group 4U, co-produced by the legendary Motown hit producers Holand Dozier & Holland. I've also ghost played on many records over the years. With all that I've done I've never been paid any royalties ever, it is as if I never existed. I've been called the "one arm bandit" and many other nice names in the industry. I've been told that I never made it in the industry because of my arm, this being an image driven industry, funny they never said that to Christopher Reeves after his accident... So I would like to hear from all of my fellow disabled brethren out there, perhaps we can do an album featuring disabled musicians. My new CD is called "PEACE THANG" by the group Noizemosis on 2nd Chance Records. So never give up y'all, and know that God loves ya. -Peace & Love Da' Noize

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