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R.D.A. - Recommended Drumming Allowance

This Month's R.D.A. - The Beat
 by Christine K. Stevens, MSW, M.A., MT-BC

The BEAT in music is the driving force, the contagious element, the energy.

Today, choose a song with a beat you love. Begin your day listening to this beat. Drive to work moving to the beat. Tap your fingers and feet to the beat. Dance around if you want.

Next, take time to play along with your drum to that tune. When the tune has finished, and this is the essential part ... don't stop.

Keep going with that beat and make it your own. Improvise, play around with it, change it, allow some freedom and improvisation to come into play.

Use the beat you enjoy as a springboard for your own improvisation.

R.D.A. Drumming Facts Serving Size - 1 Activity

% Daily Value* Calories 0 Total Fat 0 Carbohydrates 0 Protein 0 Energy 50 Vitality 50* % Daily Values based on HealthRhythms

If you read the labels or seriously consider your diet, you're probably familiar with the Recommended Daily Allowance, known as the R.D.A. This health standard suggests levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates our bodies need to function optimally.

It's becoming obvious that health today encompasses far more than diet and nutrition. In addition to a focus on the body, we also know that health involves the mind, body and spirit.

Mind-body-spirit health, often defined as "wellness" combines healthy strategies that promote well-being for the "whole person."

To work toward the achievement of total wellness, we must incorporate a variety of strategies that nurture all aspects of our being.

And as we begin to understand the importance of taking better care of ourselves, musical activities become practical and viable choices to include in our wellness routines.

Drumming is truly multi-dimensional. It has been practiced throughout the ages and results in effective stress release through a coordinated activity which can improve one's mood while providing an extraordinary avenue for creative expression. Through the use of one of the most universally felt aspects of music, "rhythm," drumming may indeed be the most enjoyable way to achieve a full body-mind-spirit workout.

As we blend music and medicine in a life-enhancing format, the ultimate result is a unique musical activity. No longer seen as purely "entertainment," this approach incorporates music-making as a meaningful strategy for achieving health-promoting benefits.

In this era of creative expression, more and more people have the desire to participate actively in music-making activities. Drumming provides such a portal into music-making. Especially suited for beginners, drumming can be enjoyed without the impediment of a steep learning curve.

Our R.D.A section is an on-line guide for using rhythm to enhance your life. All of our suggested prescriptions include creative forms of active music-making. Based upon research demonstrating more benefits associated with active music-making than with passive music listening, these RDAs will encourage you to become involved in the wonderful experience of making music and creating your own personal rhythms.

While some of these exercises are solitary activities. others involve recruiting friends, loved-ones, colleagues or co-workers to join you, such as in an aerobics class.

Our RDAs are intended serve as "how-to" guides to get you started until you begin discovering your own personalized activities that meet your particular needs.

Please consider checking this site on a regular basis for creative ideas to boost your health and reduce the stress in your life through daily rhythmic activities.

Why not try a HEALTHRHYTHMS  R.D.A. in your life today? -Christine K. Stevens

"When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable.
I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times and to the latest." - Henry David Thoreau

 Taken From Remo Web Site.