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Kina Diamond: Singer, Songwriter 

Her love of life and music sculpts, moulds and shapes her inspirations. The dream of a better world, gives her the strength and drive necessary to reach her ultimate goals.  

She knows how to touch, shock, inspire and vibrate body and soul, like no other artist presently in the music industry.  Her voice is somewhat a mixture of softness and strength, soothing as well as provocative. 

Her liveliness is genuinely felt throughout all of her compositions.  Her fragility IS her edge…

Inspired by the blooming of teenage hood, it is at the age of 14, that she started to write lyrics, then sing and play the keyboard.  To this day, she has more then 60 musical creations sparkling in her treasure box. Sensuality, love and unchained emotions are a part of her bedevilled, unconditional side.  She also addresses subjects such as ecological, animal and sociological rights which are the pure and innocent reflections of her convictions. 

Of international caliber, this young singer-songwriter in a motorized wheelchair, stands out on every point, from the rest of the musical industry.  You read correct: "she is in a wheelchair".

Totally surprising!  From the first song, the public is stunned by the professionalism of Kina Diamond and her dance troop. This singer-songwriter has a unique multicolored, marginal and original personality… her inborn eccentricity offers to the audience of the concert hall, "Le Zest" in Montréal, Québec, Canada, a lot to envision and enjoy... they are literally transported by seventeen interpretations, all just as remarkable and captivating as the next.

To hear her is one thing, but to see her perform on stage, with this much facility and vigorousness, is another thing. She has an unusual charisma and her presence on stage is shining, impressive and incites everyone to push their own limits and set new goals. A breath of fresh air in a world polluted by routine and boredom.

Note: Kina Diamond has a Muscular Dystrophy since birth.
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