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Gary Schooley: Amateur Hand Drummer/Bass Player Paraplegic

My claim to fame as a musician Paraplegic was a three year stint as a drummer with the Mad Dog Drummers of Mu, (dis-banded ten years ago) We were a 16 to 21 person percussion orchestra led by Fulbright Award winning Tabla Drummer Daniel Paul, graduate of the Ali Akbar College of Music.

I played metal and ceramic Doumbeks and fame drums. The music genre: East Indian compositions, both traditional and original, using Persian/Mid-East notation and drumming techniques. Drumming rehearsals & classes two days a week for almost three years were a blessing for me. The pulse and beat got into my body, and in some ways made up for not being able to feel 50% of it! When drumming, there is feeling deeper than skin deep. The performances were so charged, that even when down with bladder infections I showed up and did my part.

The Mad Dog Drummers of Mu circa 1992

Me: lower right corner; that was then...

Before becoming a Paraplegic I played bass guitar with a half dozen rock bands in the San Francisco area in the late 60's early 70's. The years passed as they do... Now: I recently bought a new Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass guitar and a Behringer  Head with a 15" Cab, a slight overkill yes & play at home refreshing my memory. This has been a great way for me to chill.

...this is now; Hair B Gone 

I still have a hand drum collection with two favorites that I get into playing for at least a half hour a day. The two drums I play are both from Remo: A 10 inch Doumbek and a 10 inch Djembek. So, the beat goes on; the years pass, and as long as the heart beats I'll be drumming; drumming releases stress, keeps the internal fire going, has me smiling, and keeps me in balance.