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Anne Bostwick: Songwriter, Singer, Paraplegic 

I have been writing and singing songs since I was a teenager. My husband is a bass player. We had a blues band together in 1993. Two years ago, we decided to form another band and Raven Blue was born. I co-write the songs with our lead singer. I sing mostly back-up harmonies, but perform lead on a couple of songs. Raven Blue plays adult contemporary blues, R & B, rock and jazz.

Our music is upbeat and fun. I think people are always surprised to see me on stage in a wheelchair, but audience reaction is always favorable. I like showing folks that people in wheelchairs are just regular folk who can be just as talented and creative as an able-bodied person. Rock on! Anne

Iíve been really busy these days promoting our band and lining up some gigs. Raven Blue performs mainly in the summertime at fairs and festivals and Iíve been mailing out promotional packets like mad. So far for this summer, (2005) two festivals are booked, with several more on the way. 

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About Anne

My story: I strained my lower back in the fall of 1995 while I was caring for my mother. The low back pain continued for several months, worsening. I sought help from my doctor, but she was convinced I just had simple back strain so she treated my conservatively. Then about four months later the pain suddenly escalated, and one night I noticed that my legs were feeling numb (though I still could walk okay). I went to the emergency room, was misdiagnosed, and by the next morning a disk had ruptured into my spinal cord, a T10/11 spinal cord injury, leaving me with incomplete paraplegia. I was 45 years old. After three surgeries the level was changed to L1 paraplegia. I spent four months in the hospital trying to figure out how to deal with my altered state.

I am married with one son, one stepson, one stepdaughter, and three grandchildren. My wonderful family is a big reason why Iíve survived all of this trauma. Without their love and support I think I would have lost it completely. We ended up having to completely remodel our house to accommodate my needs, which turned out pretty well. I now work part time as administrative support to a friend who is a lobbyist in our state capital. I can do all the work from home on my computer over the internet. Itís the perfect job, since like many people with SCI, I have chronic neuropathic pain, which prevents me from holding down a ďrealĒ job. After years of being timid about it, I am finally working on getting my driverís license, which I know will expand my world tremendously.

After my injury, I gained an enormous amount of weight. I spent a lot of time sitting around feeling sorry for myself and eating anything I wanted. About three years into it, I had a wakeup call when I went to my doctor and discovered I weighed almost 200 pounds (Iím only 5 foot 2 inches tall)! So, then and there I decided I had to do something about it. I started a regular exercise program and eventually joined Weight Watchers. The end result is that Iíve lost 61 pounds so far and feel great.

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