Aloha!  Fortunately, I am blessed to live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! 

I'm Heather and I would like to introduce you to an alternative world of adventuresome spirits! 


First, you can get to know a little about me by reading my essay on Dis?Ability on the Internet.  

Over the past twelve years I have learned much by working, counseling, socializing, studying, advocating, observing, playing, and interacting with individuals with disabilities (IWD). It is still amazing to me that I have adjusted to being paralyzed for over half of my young life, and yet I feel so fortunate to have a good quality of life. Whole article

Iím happy to share some of my many interests in alter-Native life-styles and peaceful living!  My positive and challenging experiences have brought phenomenal opportunities and life awakenings.  

I have grown to deeply appreciate the beauty of nature and harmony of music at the heart of island life.  My involvement with recreational, spiritual, healthful, tribal, musical, and exceptional people will lead you to joyful light-filled, healing places! I enjoy many kinds of recreation and hope to help others to do the same!

While taking my university classes, I've found what I consider to be very meaningful web sites relating to spiritual and mystical teachings, Peace Studies and Universal Human Rights, and teachings about relationship and interpersonal communication skills, human sexuality and Tantra. Heathers Personal Perspectives

Photos from Paradise ~ Heatherís Photos

I want to acknowledge some of the remarkable people with diverse abilities who are enthusiastically expressing their talents as they have inspired me to do the same. Yes, some of these exceptional spirits can be found at Paralinks Worlds Wheelchair Culture

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